Electric Guitar Artists

Aaron Dessner www.americanmary.com

The National

"The Radial J series DIs are easily the most reliable & consistent DI products available to the touring artist. Not only do they deliver a clean signal, they also seem to provide a unique warmth which is essential to The National's sound."
Abel Franco www.abelfranco.com

Solo Guitarist

"The Radial Reamp kit is an amazing 'secret' weapon. I use it in the studio, in my live setup and in demonstrative videos. I am very proud to be a Radial artist."
Adam Christianson twitter.com/adamarchitects

The Architects

"The industry standard for dependable, clean live sound is Radial, without question. Whatever your needs might be, Radial make the perfect box for the job."
Adam Shoenfeld

Guitarist – Tim McGraw, Big & Rich, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Florida Georgia Line, Jake Owen, Thomas Rhett, Alabama, Rascal Flatts

"Whether I'm switching heads on the fly or song to song, I'm always confident when my Headbone VT switcher by Tonebone is in line. The switching is flawless and there is absolutely no tone loss. A great piece of gear!"
Adrian Belew www.adrianbelew.net

King Crimson, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Talking Heads, Peter Wolf, Paul Simon, Nine Inch Nails, Tori Amos, Cindy Lauper.

"Radial makes products no one else has thought to make and builds them better than anyone else can."
Alex Lifeson


"Since Radial came along, we are no longer rolling the dice!"
Alex Weeden

Guitarist - Miranda Lambert

"The combination of the Radial Headbone VT with the Big Shot SW2 switcher has made my sound more versatile than ever before. I can now pair the correct guitar with the correct amp for each song in the set. All with no hesitation! I also use the SGI system so that there's no signal loss on the larger stages. Radial make great stuff!"
Allan Holdsworth www.therealallanholdsworth.com

(Soft Machine, Tony Williams Lifetime, Guitar Player Magazine Hall of Fame)

"The Radial Switchbone sounds great! It is the best ABY box that I have used and the transformer isolation makes it easy to combine any two amps without noise."
Alan Wallace www.eminence.com.br


"The JDX  is the best tool for live performance! My guitar sound is really clear and heavy! Radial rules!!!"
Andy Masson www.sonsoficarus.com

Sons of Icarus

"The Radial Twin City splits my signal to both my amps perfectly! No noise, no fuss, just monster riffs with monster tone!"
Andy Timmons www.andytimmons.com

ATB, Danger Danger

"I've used Radial both live and in the studio and am truly impressed. Great stuff! Radial is at the cutting edge of guitar tone improvement!"
Audley Freed

Black Crowes, Cry of Love, Joe Perry, Chris Robinson, Dixie Chicks, Peter Frampton

"Having the Loopbone in my pedal board makes everything easier. This pedal is so versatile I'll be using it in lots of different ways for different situations. The Drag™ control is just what the doctor ordered for certain pedals."

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Ben O'Neill www.benoneillmusic.com

Guitarist - John Legend

"The Radial Direct-Drive is one of those rare pieces that truly exceeds expectations. It is a fly-date game changer."
Ben Ottewell www.benottewell.com


"The Radial JDX has made my onstage monitoring immeasurably easier. My guitar sound is much fuller and cleaner in the IEM system and out front our engineer loves blending it with the amp mic for a consistently 'thick' guitar sound."
Brent Mason www.brentmason.com

Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, George Strait, Rascall Flatts, Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard, Vince Gill, Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Reba McEntire, Willie Nelson, Toby Keith, Martina McBride, Trisha Yearwood

"The Radial Cabbone has made my life so much easier. Now on a session there is no hassle of switching speaker cables manually between cabs. At a click of a switch it's done! Best of all, the Cabbone does not mess with my tone!"
Brian Greenway www.aprilwine.ca/brian.html

April Wine

"I love my Bones! Electric or acoustic, Radial's Tonebone series are dependable, quiet, and superior to anything I have ever tried or used on the road, in the studio, and at home. Thank you for great tone!"
Buddy Guy www.buddyguy.net

Recording artist, legendary bluesman

"The Radial BigShot ABY is great! I use it to switch between Buddy's wireless system and direct wired guitar before it goes into the Radial JD7 and his various amps. The Radial gear is the best." ~ Mark Messner - Stage Manager
Butch Walker www.butchwalker.com

Avril Lavigne, Pink, Lindsay Lohan, Simple Plan, Sevendust, Hot Hot Heat, Fall Out Boy

"The Radial JD7 made my guitar sounds so much thicker and punchier. I think the Drag™ feature should be built into everything ever made!"
Carl Harvey

Messenja, Toots and the Maytals, The Aggravators

"Think of the Trimode as another two killer channels added to your amp. It's the most musical, best sounding OD pedal I have owned in more than 25 years, bar none. If you are concerned with tone, you have to check it out. The Dragster sounds like a cable plugged straight into the amp. My wireless has never sounded so good!"

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Carl Verheyen www.carlverheyen.com


"YES! I wanted a clean Strat tone with more sustain, but retaining the inherent sparkle and shimmer of the guitar. The Elevator worked perfectly as a boost and made the sum of the parts better than anything on its own."
César Rosas www.loslobos.org

Los Lobos

"I use my Tonebone Hot British on fly-in dates when using the big rig is impossible to bring along. My Hot British rocks!"
Clint Black www.clintblack.com

Country Legend

"I've found the Radial ProRMP Reamper useful many times in taking a second approach to my tone on a record. It also helps in live situations when applied with the SGI. The distance from my wireless rig to the pedal board and then to the amp is considerable. It helps keep my signal strong, clean and with great tone quality!"
Chris Loockemyspace.com/chrisloocke

Jana Kramer, Josh Gracin, Rosa Passos, Kristy Lee Cook, James Wesley

"The Elevator is awesome. I dialed in just enough gain to drive the front end of my 1964 Fender Bassman to a sweet just overdriven spot. Sounds great, harmonically complex and just enough gain to make my guitar sing. In addition, I've used it as a buffer for my pedalboard. The drag and gain settings are really great. They allow me to keep my signal true and full all the way to my amp. No tone loss. The Radial Elevator is like a swiss army knife for your rig. It rocks!"
Colin James www.colinjames.com

Solo Artist - Juno Award Winner

"The Radial Shotgun is a multi-amp distro that drives my signal up to 4 amps at once. It takes care of everything. Fantastic."
Coy Bowles www.coybowles.com

Guitarist - Zac Brown Band

"I just got an Elevator boost pedal by Tonebone, from Radial. Radial make great DIs and all kinds of other stuff. WOW, the Elevator is a great boost pedal!!!"

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Danny Gomez toxicprod.com

Guitarist - Toxic Prod, "We Will Rock You" (music of Queen)

"The Trimode by Radial is a touch-sensitive overdrive that responds to dynamics. Like adding an extra channel to your amp."

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Darren Savard

Dallas Smith Band

"While on tour, I’ve tried a number of cabinet simulator devices and there’s nothing better than the JDX48. Tried a few devices, but each time I went back to the JDX, and it was night and day. Can't say enough good things about Radial and the JDX48."

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Daryl Stuermer www.darylstuermer.com

Genesis, Phil Collins

"The Tonebone Plexitube is the most versatile distortion pedal I own. It's also the quietest I've ever used. I find all Radial products to be designed with sound quality, easy operation and durability in mind."

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Dave Martone www.davemartone.com

Master shredder, recording artist, Parker clinician

"Tonebone made it easy to create an abundance of different tones with either the Hot British or Classic pedals. The sounds are huge and real! These pedals are a must have for all guitar players."

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Dave Weiner www.daveweiner.com

Steve Vai Band

"The JDX is the simplest way to get a true, no-bleed signal from my amp. I mix that with a mic'd cab and have the best possible balance of my live sound. Love it."
David Sanchez www.davidsanchezmusic.com


"The JDX accurately emulates the sound of a perfectly-placed microphone without any of the downsides. With the JDX there is zero chance of excessive low-end woof, or ear-piercing treble. The tones that come out of this thing are clean, articulate, and easy for any engineer to work with. Like all Radial products, this box is versatile and built like a tank!"

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Davy Knowles www.davyknowles.com

Back Door Slam guitarist, singer-songwriter

"As a player who uses the volume control on my guitar a lot, as well as changing pick attack, it's important for me to have overdrive sounds that respond to dynamics. The Trimode is wonderfully touch-sensitive. What I love most is that it just doesn't sound like an overdrive pedal at all - it sounds like a really great amp. It's fantastic! I can't say enough good things about it."
Devin Malone www.devinmalone.com

Guitarist, Hunter Hayes

"I've been through just about every switcher on the market from the very cheap to the most expensive and in every respect I've found the Twin City ABY to be the best option on the market. It solves all of the common problems that arise from complicated instrument rigs."
Devin Townsend www.myspace.com/devintownsenddtb


"My annoying inability to compromise has lead me to some odd places in music, and fortunately, has also lead me to the ultimate no-compromise tonal solutions from Radial. Hooray for all us Canucks!"
Dominic Miller www.dominicmiller.com

Sting, the Pretenders

"Fantastic! As soon as I plugged the Trimode in, I knew it would work for me."
Doug Doppler


"Whether you're in the studio or doing live pre-production, picking the right mic is key. The Gold Digger allows you to seamlessly audition up to four mics via a single input/channel strip on your DAW or mixer. Individual trim controls and phantom power for each of the four inputs takes the guesswork out of finding which mic sounds better - in real time.

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Doug Rappoport

Guitarist - Edgar Winter Group

"My Twin City ABY Amp Switcher is amazing. It has given me the biggest sounding and cleanest stereo rig possible. I love my Twin City. Thank you Radial Engineering for making yet another top notch product."
Drew Brown www.onerepublic.com


"The things we ask our switchers and DIs to do are unfair and unrealistic. Every part of our show depends our units being more flexible and more reliable than anything else. That's why we use Radial."
Duke Robillard www.dukerobillard.com

Roomful of Blues, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Jimmy Witherspoon, Bob Dylan

"The Trimode is great! I especially love how it turns a solid state amp into a great sounding tube amp. With quite a few of my amp set-ups it really works out perfectly."
Edi Roque


"For my live rig, I wouldn’t survive a day without my Twin City ABY pedal by Tonebone. It is a life saver."

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Emerson Swinford www.emersonswinford.com

Rod Stewart, Idina Menzel

"The Radial JX62 is the perfect solution for using multiple guitars and amps. Works flawlessly with my wireless systems and I love the effects loop to run out to my pedal board onstage. I noticed an improvement in my guitar tone right away!"
Eric Johnson www.ericjohnson.com

Grammy award winning guitarist, winner - Guitar Player 'Best Guitarist' for 5 years

"As soon as I plugged the Tonebone Classic in, I could not believe how quiet it was. I was very impressed. It is both responsive and musical. I can honestly say that I truly appreciate the Tonebone and feel that it is a valid addition to the very fabric of the distortion guitar sound. This is a rare find."
Eric Sands www.ericsands.com

Guitarist - Man on Fire, Virtual Strangers

"I use the Plexitube for all kinds of sessions and gigs. It's incredible! Many manufacturers use the term 'stack in a box', but the Plexitube is the real deal.  I've never had so much control over my tone. I'm truly addicted."
Eugene Shapiro www.linkedin.com/in/shapiroproject

Jazz guitarist - Shapiro Project

"Radial's Tonebone Classic is perfect! It is transparent, very dynamic and sensitive to your playing, so it can go from very clean to distorted depending on how hard you pick your guitar. I love it!"
Frank Gambale www.frankgambale.com

Chick Corea, Grammy award winner - Elektric Band

"I recently did some recording with Chick Corea where we used the Hot British to record direct. As skeptical as I am about direct devices for guitar sounds, the Radial Tonebone Hot British surprised me with its variety and quality of tone. Chick loved it and so did I. It sounds great! Well done guys!"
GE Smith gesmithmusic.wordpress.com

Bob Dylan, Roger Waters, Hall & Oates, Mick Jagger

"I have relied on a Switchbone for years and do not perform without it. I find Radial products to be of the highest quality and absolutely reliable."

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Gretchen Menn www.gretchenmenn.com

Solo Artist

"My Switchbone is mandatory anytime I am running multiple amps. It is beautifully intuitive, noiseless, and rugged."
Jacob Bunton www.myspace.com/lynam

Lynam, Adler

"Radial pedals are simply amazing! I've used every amp imaginable over the years trying to get the sound I hear in my head, so you can imagine my surprise when my dream tone came from a pedal. My London gives me exactly what I need!"
James Burton www.james-burton.net

Elvis Presley, John Denver, Jerry Lee Lewis

"Workhorse is a great addition to our recording studio and we look forward to a long working relationship with Radial Engineering."
James Heath

Singer, guitarist – Reverend Horton Heat

"The Radial JS3 mic splitter is super quiet and transparent. I use it to split a mic signal, sending one to a clean mic pre, the 2nd to a dirty mic pre and the 3rd to the PA. It’s great to have various options. I love Radial gear."

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Jimmy Shaw


"Whether in studio or onstage, seeing the word Radial means nothing is going to go wrong. Simply the most reliable gear on the market. Not to mention it all sounds great too."
Jay Buettner www.jaybuettner.com

Guitarist - George Canyon, Bobby Wills

"Been using the new Texas Pro overdrive pedal from Tonebone out on some tour dates. I am absolutely loving it, man. That thing is a serious contender. Makes an average sounding rental amp sound really good!"
Jeff Bihlman www.bihlmanbros.com

Bihlman Brothers, Emmy award winner - soundtrack

"The London just plain kicks ass! The distortion is creamy and responsive. The bypass and individual volume controls are genius. Roll off the guitar volume, it cleans up beautifully without losing the high end us Strat players love! You get 3 channels with massive creamy distortion, crunch for funky rhythms and in bypass mode you're back to your pure amp tone!"

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Jerry Donahue www.jerrydonahue.com

The Hellecasters, Fairport Convention, Gerry Rafferty, Elton John, Warren Zevon, Bonnie Rait

"The new Radial Elevator is a pedal that successfully achieves what others were designed to do but never quite made the grade. This one enhances your overall sound with no discernible change in tone between normal and boosted outputs! After all the years of searching... no need to look further. This is it!"
Jeff Waters www.annihilatormetal.com/annihilator_main.html


"The Hot British gives me many different 'degrees' of warmth and distortion that I need for crunchy, yet tight, rhythm metal guitar playing. For soloing, I can find various settings that give me distinctly different solo sounds, from clean and 'bitey', to messy and ear-piercing... all this from one pedal. The Hot British is amazing."
Download Jeff's explosive 7-minute Hot British MP-3 clip!
Jim Kelly www.myspace.com/jimkellycontemporaryjazzguitarist

Australian jazz guitarist, composer and educator - 'The guitarist's guitarist'

"In 2008 the search was on for a distortion pedal after years of going straight into the amp with no pedals whatsoever. I tried many of the current crop of distortion stomp boxes and then bumped into the Tonebone Classic. The search was over in that instant... it was juicy, musical and dynamic, just how I like it."
Jim Messina www.jimmessina.com

Loggins & Messina, Poco, Buffalo Springfield

"I use Radial gear in my studio on a daily basis and I'm here to say, it performs flawlessly!"
Joe Perry www.joeperrymusic.com


"Since adding the Radial JD7, SGI and Headbone to my rig, my sound on stage has never been better!"
Joe Satriani www.satriani.com

Chicken Foot

"The Reamp is the recording guitar player's best friend. It works great with bass and keyboards too. There is no other device out there that can take a recorded DI performance and have the amp receive it exactly as it would if you were plugging your guitar, or, bass straight in the input."
Joe Trohman

Guitarist - Fall Out Boy

"The Headload by Radial does an amazing job of attenuating my amp level without sucking my tone."
Joe Wowk

Sweeney Todd, Bryan Adams, Prism, Darby Mills, Jethro Tull

"The Tonebone Hot British is simply AWESOME!! I dial back my amps gain and bring up the Hot British 12AX7 tube drive for just the right amount of squeeze I need. It always sounds better with my Tonebone in front !!"
John Bohlinger

Session guitarist/multi instrumentalist for many artists including Thomas Rhett, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Lee Brice, Sheryl Crow; guitarist on the Nashville TV show; MD for 2017 CMA Awards

"As a utility player, the 4-Play by Radial has made my life way easier. This 1 input, 4 separate DI output device now consolidates my mandolin/dobro/acoustic/banjo into one clean, compact, great sounding box. Our FOH guy, my tech and I are much happier. Thanks Radial"
John Jorgenson

Guitarist - Hellicasters

"The London is a very versatile overdrive/distortion pedal, capable of producing sweet, round sustain, nasty aggressive punch, and any degree in between."

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John Petrucci

Guitarist - Dream Theater

"The JD7 proved to be a real asset during the recording and the best part was that my tone and the guitar's response remained true. I purchased it after we were done!"
John Rzeznik www.googoodolls.com

Goo Goo Dolls

"Whether we are playing live or recording in the studio, Radial DIs are the only ones we use. They're built like tanks and eliminate noise without killing tone. I love them."
John Wesley www.john-wesley.com

Porcupine Tree

"The London is extremely versatile. It hits the front end of my Marshall with a clean punch and the second stage allows me to push it over the edge for some real sustain. The easy access switches let me switch to Vox tones for quick changes."

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Johnny A www.johnnya.com

Favoured Nations recording artist

"For me, the key to a great pedal is its ability to be transparent when not engaged. The Switchbone gives my rig plenty of options when called upon, but also stays out of the way when not! The Switchbone is amazing!"
Juanes www.juanes.net

Latin American Superstar

"My Tonebone Classic distortion sounds very good! It has a solid bottom end and wide range of colors."
Julien Lacharme www.julienlacharme.com

Alpha Blondy, Inuendo, Djul Project

"The Radial Tonebone Trimode has become an essential part of my pedalboard and guitar sound. With it, I can create a wide range of tones for blues, rock, pop and metal and adapts perfectly to any amp I use. The Trimode is a must have for players like me that need flexibility and great tone."

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Keith Scott www.myspace.com/bryanadams

Bryan Adams

"I Love my new Trimode pedal. The versatility and sounds are so inspiring! A great piece of equipment in any application, studio or live. Well done Radial Engineering!"

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Kerry King www.slayer.net


"The JDX captures my sound with previously unobtainable control and clarity, offering our soundman a direct injection of sonic rage!"

"Radial gear is incredibly roadworthy and has improved my overall tone. I get less hum and buzz and a cleaner signal. Awesome! Radial gear rules."
Kerry Marx www.kerrymarx.com

Grand Ole Opre, Olivia Newton John, Johnny Cash, Don McLean, The Ventures

"Right now there's a Shure SM57, a Royer 121, a Sennheiser 421, and a 906 plugged into my Radial Gold Digger. Add those up and you've got instant access to four different mic sounds, totally transparent and level controlled!"

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Kevin Barnes www.ofmontreal.net

Guitarist / Vocals - of Montreal

"I love Radial gear! Great for the studio and the stage, very durable and reliable... like an Autobot and not a Decepticon."
Kim Mitchell Kim Mitchell Band

The best darn musician in Canada!

"Today, most of our gigs are 'fly-ins' so we travel light. With the Radial JDX, amp head and guitar I feel great knowing that my tone out front is consistent night after night. Best of all, with the JDX I no longer need an amp mic on stage, so bleed from other instruments is no longer a problem. Thanks Radial for making this great little tool!"
Kirk Hammett www.metallica.com


"This box [Tonebone Hot British] is very deserving of the word Hot - I definitely love my Bone!"
Lindsay Ell www.lindsayell.com

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, solo artist

"Radial is gear that I can depend on every single show. We’re touring all the time, and no matter what system we are using, it’s nice to know whenever I go on stage, our Radial gear is going to sound great no matter what."
Lyle Workman www.lyleworkman.com

Beck, Sting, Todd Rundgren

"The Switchbone is a must have for anyone needing an AB-Y pedal to switch between two amps. It assures that both amps are properly grounded AND in phase, and sounds better than any other AB-Y box I've ever heard. The variable boost sounds great and is a Godsend to have on board... This pedal is a complete winner."

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Luther Dickinson www.lutherdickinson.com

North Mississippi All-Stars, Black Crowes

"The Switchbone has been the heart and soul of my rig for years. The phase reverse and ground lift switches are invaluable since I always use two amps. Radial continues to design the most useful and intuitive gear of anyone. They know what we need."

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Mark Ribot www.marcribot.com

Elvis Costello, Marianne Faithful, Tom Waits, T-Bone Burnett

"The Radial Switchbone is the best ABY splitter I've ever used. It is completely silent and essential if you don't want the weakening of the signal that occurs with low quality splitters." Click for more quotes.
Marc Copely

Solo Artist

"When the Power Tube pres showed up at the studio, I immediately plugged them into my 500 series rack and went to town. If a pre can be 'fun', the Power Tube is it! They can play clean, and they can play dirty. Replace the tube with the supplied tube from the Radial pedals and drive that baby into the red and beyond! Love 'em."
Mark Tremonti www.marktremonti.net

Creed and Alterbridge

"For years I've been trying to combine all of my favorite tones on stage without carrying a ton of amps and cabinets on stage. The Headbone helps me get there. Thank God I found it. I only wish I had it years ago... I love my Headbone!"
Marty Stuart www.martystuart.net

Solo artist and country music mainstay

"I believe a musician's tone is their signature and Radial helps me define who I am."

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Mats Hedberg

Solo Artist

"I use the Radial J48 active direct box for acoustic, classical and electric guitars. Tone to the bone, high fidelity with no loss of tone or hiss. It's the perfect tool for the road! Thank you Radial"
Matt Pike

Guitarist - High On Fire

"We use Radial gear on the road and in the studio. We rely on the JX-2 Switchbone for our multi-amp guitar rig. Radial gear is indispensable."
Matt Webb

Guitarist - Marianas Trench

"I run two Radial Headloads in my touring rig, and I absolutely LOVE these babies. I ditched live speaker cabs altogether and rely solely on the Headload cabinet simulators for my amps. I have a DVD13 for dirt, a 65 Amps SOHO for clean – and they SHINE through using the Headloads. I wouldn’t dare run those amps into anything else."

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Matt White

Guitarist - The Temperance Movement

"The Elevator by Radial is a revolutionary little box. It is a deceptively simple Swiss Army knife for anyone wanting to give their sound that extra push. It’s the best signal booster I have used and it should be on every serious guitarist's radar. I love the recessed controls!"
Michael NOMAD Ripoll www.nomadsplace.com

Guitarist/Composer/Producer, Music Director - Babyface

"Radial products are not only the most versatile but the most reliable!"
Michael Sweet www.stryper.com


"The JDX is the perfect solution for me in a number of ways. It's consistent night after night delivering the tone that I require without undesirable mic bleed and the inconsistencies of different cabs/speakers night after night. The JDX is a tone saver!"
Michael Thompson www.michaelthompson.cc

Shania Twain, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Toni Braxton, Baby Face, Lionel Richie, The Corrs, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, Michael Buble, Jennifer Lopez, Seal, Justin Bieber, Boyz II Men, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, The Eagles

"I've used the JDX as my main direct recording box for 8 years and although I own all the top speaker emulators the JDX is still the most natural sounding one. Whenever I perform live I always send the feed from the JDX to the house (instead of micing my cabs) and I'm always really happy with the results."

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Michel Cusson www.michelcusson.com

UZEB, multi-award winning film score & TV composer

"I was blown right away when I first patched the JD-7. It changed the way I record guitars; a very creative tool."
Mike Miller www.myspace.com/mikemillerguitar

Bette Midler, Chick Corea, George Duke, Gino Vanelli

"The Texas is a great pedal! In fact two pedals in one. I love how it can clean up if I back off on the guitar or even just lighten up on my pick attack, and then when I dig in; it's huge! It has become an indispensable part of my pedalboard."
Mike Scott www.myspace.com/iammikescott

Justin Timberlake, Prince, Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Gladys Knight, Janet Jackson

"Radial Tonebone pedals are the must-have tools for musicians that are serious about their tone. Give me my Plexitube lead tone or give me death... nothing else will do!"
Myles Goodwyn www.aprilwine.ca/myles.html

April Wine

"The Headbone works exactly like I hoped it would. I can now switch back & forth between the Marshall 2000 and the Peavey 5150 for greater tone options while giving me an instant back-up should ever an amp go down. After 55 gigs, the Headbone has worked flawlessly. Kudos to Radial for inventing such a useful device." ~ Brit Fader, Guitar Tech
Myles Kennedy www.alterbridge.com

Alter Bridge, Slash

"The Radial Switchbone is a fantastic addition to my rig. It allows me to run my two favorite amps at the same time without compromising my tone. The mid boost is the coolest feature. I turn it on when I need a lead to sing and sustain without thinning out my sound. If only I had this pedal 20 years earlier!"
Nalle Colt twitter.com/nallecolt

Vintage Trouble

"With the Radial JD7 Injector I can put together all my favorite amps and use them how I please. The sky is the limit. A wonderful piece of equipment that very fast is becoming a 'must have' in my book."
Neal Schon wwww.schonmusic.com

Journey, Santana

"Tonebone pedals sound great! They are incredibly responsive, dynamic and warm. Best of all, they react like a real amp-channel. Perfect for cleaner amps that need that extra kick!"
Nick Sterling www.nicksterling.com

Sebastian Bach

"The Radial J48 is the direct box I use to get my signal into my DAW. I then use the X-Amp for Reamping™. This set up lets me out from behind the guitar and bass so I can do some engineering. It gives you the option of choosing the right amp for the track. These are both super cool products!"
Peter Loeffler twitter.com/PeteLoeffler


"The Tonebone Plexitube is a well sorted Distortion pedal. Not only do I get great sounds for guitar but I also found it works great on bass too. A killer, heavy, grinding bass tone is sometimes all I need to kick start a whole new song idea."
Randy Bachman www.randybachman.com

The Guess Who, Bachman Turner Overdrive

"I a-a-a-absolutely love the Tonebone pedals. I have tried them out extensively and will be incorporating them into my stage setup. They are truly toneful, expressive and totally rock."

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Richard Fortus www.richardfortus.com

Guns N' Roses

"The JD7 helps perpetuate my fear of commitment by letting me select between a myriad of amps without any signal degradation! I use it in my live rig as well as in my home studio. Amazingly quiet and great for reamping."
Richard Maranon

Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter - Ana Barbara, Gloria Trevi, Christian Castro, Luz Rios

"The Plexitube is a superb overdrive. I have a collection of at least seven overdrive/distortion pedals in my closet and that's where they will stay because they don't compare to the Plexitube. Not only does it give you enough gain and balls when you need it, but it's sensitive to your playing and the nuances and tone ring out perfectly. Us guitarists are always searching for that Holy Grail overdrive and I think I found it."

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Robert Randolph www.robertrandolph.net

Robert Randolph and the Family Band

"Before we bought the Radial JD7, each time I added an amp the impedance changed, the level dropped and it messed with my tone. With it, I can run as many amps as I like and it keeps my tone true. I use it in the studio and with my live rig. The Radial JD7 is phenomenal."
Roger Eaton www.rogereatonmusic.com

Guitarist - Oakridge Boys, Barbara Mandrell, Pam Tillis, Joe Diffie, Tanya Tucker, Collin Raye

"With the Oakridge Boys we found that the Tonebone Direct-Drive works great in studio or in a live setting. I use 2 in stereo every night, and the impulse response speaker emulation is great. The Direct-Drive is hassle free & fast to use & built like a tank. Thank you Radial Engineering for another very innovative product."

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Ruban Neilson www.unknownmortalorchestra.com

Singer, Guitarist - Unknown Mortal Orchestra

"I can't even say how many times I've had a specific tool in mind for an audio application and looked on Radial's website and found what I am looking for. The Workhorse Cube does exactly what I need. Radial are the best at what they do."

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Russ Flynn

Guitarist - X Ambassadors

"I recently tried the Tonebone JDX Direct Drive by Radial. It sounds amazing and I love its simplicity. I really like that the thru output is unaffected and that there's a polarity switch onboard. In most live situations when using this pedal, I would blend the DI sound with a mic’d amp. You guys produce fantastic stuff."
Rusty Cooley

Guitarist - Day of Reckoning, Outworld

"I can’t live without my Switchbone V2 from Tonebone! I always use two amps, and there is no pedal better equipped to do the job. No tone sacrifice, I can A/B or even C with tuner out, lead boost, mid boost and a mute function for quick changes. The Switchbone V2 is all I need. Hell what are ya waiting for go getcha one."

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Ryan Guldemond

Guitarist - Mother Mother

"Radial gear is the best. From the indestructible JDI, killer SGI, and the flexibility of the ToneBone PZ Pre, I rely on these amazing products every show.

Everyone in Mother Mother uses Radial or Tonebone devices. These amazing products help to articulate our individual expression."
Salim Akramwww.badrabbits.com

Guitarist - Bad Rabbits

"Bad Rabbits has been touring and recording professionally for years and Radial has always been the go to for awesome sounding, durable direct boxes.

We love our Radial DIs."
Scott Sharrard

Allman Brothers Band

"The Switchbone is an essential part of my live rig with Gregg Allman and in many of my session dates."

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Scott Holiday

Guitarist - Rival Sons

"The Radial SGI is integral to my live rig. The SGI system helps me retain the clarity and pureness of my guitar tone. Radial gear is built like a tank."

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Serj Tankian www.serjtankian.com

System of a Down

"Radial DI boxes sound exactly like they're supposed to with no additional colour, hum or buzz."

Singer, Guitarist for MENEW

"Radial DIs are the greatest and most pure sounding units for stage and studio. The durability is unmatched."

Dimmu Borgir

"Little did I know about the detail Radial adds to my overall sound until I tried the JDX. It's the little thing that makes a big difference."
Sonny Landreth

Guitarist - blues, Zydeco slide player; solo artist - John Hiatt, Jimmy Buffett, Mark Knopfler, John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers

"Using the Tonebone PZ-Pre on our recent tour, I immediately noticed more level, greater tonal control and added clarity with my Reso acoustic guitars. I especially liked how the EQ section gave me fatter note definition and how the boost made it easy to solo. I'm really impressed!"
Steve Mazur www.ourladypeace.com

Our Lady Peace

"I had been running tracks out of Pro Tools and processing them through stomp-boxes but the results were hit and miss. Then I heard about the EXTC 500. So great!! Now the tracks are always at the proper impedance and the whole phase flip for different pedals is genius. I don't see how I lived without it!"

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Steve Morse www.stevemorse.com

Deep Purple

"The Tonebone Trimode pedal has the most 'dialability' of any of the distortion/boost pedal I've tried. And has been the only distortion pedal I've ever used when on tour with Deep Purple."

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Steve Lukather www.stevelukather.net


"I have tried every amp, distortion box, gadget etc. that has ever been made since 1967 to present and nothing has sounded like the Tonebone. It has become an incredible asset to my sound and I recommend this to anyone who is looking for that NATURAL warm sound with sustain for days and days! Buy this now!"

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Steve Rothery www.marillion.com

Marillion, the Wishing Tree

"We've just finished recording the fifteenth Marillion album 'Happiness is the Road' and I used my JD7 to split my signal between different amps and to Reamp™ the guitar throughout the recording process. We also use an SGI Studio Guitar Interface to enable us to play overdubs from the control room without loss of clarity and tone. Your products are outstanding."
Steve Stevens www.stevestevens.net

Billy Idol

"As always Radial has done it again. The JDV is a direct box on steroids. Whether I am recording a DI guitar or the high output of an active bass guitar, nothing gets it done as well as my JDV. A totally transparent signal with just the right amount of air... I have grown to trust Radial products like no other company I know."

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Steve Vai www.vai.com


"The Radial JD7 Injector is by far the finest guitar distro and Reamp I have ever come across. In fact it's the only one I've ever used that works cleanly with no hum or loading to the original signal. It is an indispensable studio tool for me."
Tommy Johnston www.doobiebrothers.net

Doobie Brothers co-founder, guitarist, songwriter

"On stage, I have a Radial JDI direct box, SGI studio guitar interface and two Headbone VTs. The Headbones gives me easy access to all of my amps and I only have to carry two cabinets. I feel that Radial gives me the transparent tone I love and the reliability I need when we play."
Tony Rombola www.godsmack.com

Godsmack, Another Animal

"Hands down the Tonebone Plexitube is the finest overdrive / distortion pedal I have ever used."
Trey Alexander www.treyalexander.net

Guitar Player Magazine 2006 Guitar Hero winner

"Tonebone are by far some of the finest pedals you can get your hands on. Along with being the cleanest and best sounding pedals on the market they are also made with extreme craftsmanship and are made to withstand the road abuse of extreme touring."
Troy McLawhorn

Evanescence, Sevendust, Dark New Day, Seether

"The JX-44 switcher by Radial is completely transparent. I can adjust my levels with trim control on each input, and the signal going to each component is clean, no buzz or noise at all. Thanks Radial."
Tyler Chiarelli

Band leader and guitarist - Florida Georgia Line

"Everyone in Florida Georgia Line, including our drummer, uses Radial or Tonebone gear. From SW8 for tracks, Firefly DI, JDIs, PZ Pre acoustic pre amps, ProRMPs from our wireless systems out to our pedalboards and the SGIs to and from amp world out to our pedalboards, we use Radial and Tonebone gear. We have used Radial and Tonebone gear long before they got popular and we still use their gear today. Radial and Tonebone gear is reliable gear that’s built to last"

Vince Gill

Country Legend / Guitarist with the Eagles

"The Headbone VT and the BigShot SW2 are working great! They switch my two amps and speakers ‘fast and quiet’ with no popping noise or change in my tone. They do exactly what they are supposed to do!"
Vinnie Moore www.vinniemoore.com

UFO, Alice Cooper

"The Tonebone has a real natural, transparent sound. It doesn't thin out your tone like a lot of the transistor distortion pedals I've tried. Also, it doesn't mush out like some of the tube distortions out there, just a nice smooth tone. I'll get a lot of use out of my Classic in the studio and on stage."

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Vivian Campbell www.defleppard.com

Def Leppard, Whitesnake

"Tonebones don't sound like regular distortion pedals; they're smooth, professional... no rough edges. They respond like a quality amplifier. You hear all the nuances. With Tonebone, getting rich, big tones is easy."
Wolf Hoffmann www.acceptworldwide.com


"I am loving the Texas Overdrive! It's the smoothest overdrive pedal I have ever tried, works great for solos!"
Willie Adler www.lamb-of-god.com

Lamb Of God

"I use a very high gain, dual amp setup and the LAST thing I need is more noise. The Twin-City lets me run both of my Boogies simultaneously and keeps things responsive AND quiet. Now that it is in my rig, I don't know how I managed without it! No more cheap ABY boxes for me... I've spent a lot of time dialling in my sound and Radial keeps it perfect!"
Will Kimbrough www.willkimbrough.com

Emmylou Harris, Rosanne Cash, Steve Earle, Gomez, Mark Knopfler, John Prine

"What a great, practical and versatile pedal! True Bypass or the famous Radial buffer, plus the most excellent Drag™ Control - for matching pickup impedance - in a boost pedal that also features a mid-boost circuit just like the much loved Switchbone. I'm a small vintage tube amp guy, and the Elevator gives everything from subtle clean boost for tasteful solos, to slamming the front end of the amp for saturated over the top distortion - and in between. Versatile and flexible, and it sounds great."