Radial SW-8

Radial Backtrack

Backtrack™ Development

The Backtrack was designed as a smaller-format version of our popular SW8™ Auto-Switcher. While the SW8 is popular on large tours around the globe, the need still remained for a backing track switcher with a smaller footprint that could accommodate fly dates and also work for bands who only have a small number of backing tracks in their performance.

The Backtrack borrows some of the best features from the SW8, while reducing the channel count and size to provide a simple solution for bands used to running their backing tracks from two laptops or other playback devices. The JR-2 and LINK functions allow operation via footswitch and the ability to connect multiple Backtracks together at once and the Backtrack also provides XLR main outputs along with monitor outputs as the SW8 does.

To increase the functionality of the Backtrack, we added a headphone amplifier that allows the user to monitor each stereo input separately without affecting the output to FOH. This provides peace of mind and a way to quickly and silently monitor both playback devices. With the Backtrack, you can add a robust backing track switcher for smaller performances which will ensure that no matter what happens the show will go on.