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Radial Engineering's cable products have a solid track record with some of the most prestigeous and demanding clients in the recording, broadcast and touring industries. There is a reason for this - Radial cable assemblies are expertly hand crafted in our own facility, where we can maintain the highest quality standards, using only the finest connectors and the best cable available.

If you have a specific cableing need that you can't find in our catalog, please call or us.

Radial Cable Categories

Duraflex: A premium cable developed for use in concert touring and professional staging. High quality components are used throughout providing maximum wear and tear in the most demanding applications.

Mogami: For the added demands imposed by broadcast and top-end recording facilities. Mogami features exceptional uniformity during the extrusion process thus ensuring optimum phase coherence and exact impedance to reduce errors in data and improve signal integrity for audio and video transmission.

UltraLites: High quality TOS-link optical cables that are equally suitable for digital audio, DVD and Alesis Optical interfacing. Don’t let the great prices fool you… Having supplied fiber systems to Bell Telephone and sporting events like the Olympics, no one knows fiber optics better than we do!

Proflex: A range of hi-fi and audiophile cables featuring Mogami coaxial and Radial dual conductor cable with high-quality gold contact connectors to assure the best conductivity possible is maintained between components. Speaker cables feature high strand-counts for reduced corona effect and improved high frequency transmission.

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Radial audio, video & data cables
» Guitar cables
» RCA cables
» Patch cables
» Insert and 'Y' cables
» Microphone cables
» Interface (XLR to 1/4" / XLR to RCA) cables
» ADAT & multi-channel cables
» Digital (optical & audio) cables
» Speaker cables
» Video cables

Radial Connectors and Adaptors 
» Adaptors, XLR, 1/4", 1/8", RCA
» XLR connectors
» RCA / 1/4" / 1/8" / Studio / Panel connectors
» Speaker connectors
» Multi-pin studio, broadcast, touring connectors
» Video connectors & adaptors

Radial Bulk Cable:  
» Bulk Istallation cable
» Bulk Multi-pair snake cable
» Bulk Coax cable
» Bulk Microphone cable
» Bulk Speaker cable
» Bulk Digital audio & interface cable
» Bulk Video cable

Radial Cable Management:  
» Heatshrink, ID, expando tubing, zap straps, zip ties
» Cable reels
» Thermal wire strippers

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