When did you first start using Radial DI boxes?

Back in 2001 when I was doing monitors for SLAYER, Tim Quinby ( FOH ) turned me on to Radial.

Which ones do you use on what?

Currently with MEGADETH I am using the mono passive on David Ellefson's bass and a stereo passive on playback.

More recently, you have been using the JDX and the Phazer. What got you started?

Once again, Tim got my attention at soundcheck on the Canadian Carnage Tour...he was using the Phazer bank to align his guitar DIs with his cabinet mics. The results are light years ahead of hitting the phase button on the desk.

How would you characterize the sound of the JDX versus using a mic?

The JDX is more like a cabinet sound versus dry DI.

Had you tried other similar DI boxes? How did they work out?

Yes and crappy...

Tell me about how you use the Phazer Bank?

I insert it on bottom snare, bass DI or JDX and guitar DIs.

What have your clients (artists) said or noticed?

They know what fans tell them about how Megadeth's guitars sound....they don't care what technology is involved as long as our bass and guitars make Godzilla weep and hide like a beaten puppy.

What would you say if someone was considering a Radial DI box?

Don't waste time experimenting with anything else....you will eventually submit to superior audio....

Doug Short
(Megadeth, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Joe Cocker, Prince)