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H-Amp™ FAQ

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Why is the H-Amp not stereo?
Because a typical source on stage is a wedge monitor and this is a mono device. Creating a stereo image inside the H-Amp would entail complex electronics which, in our view is not required for simple monitoring. We wanted the H-Amp to be plug & play simple to use.

What happens to the amplifier's impedance?
The impedance of an amplifier is relative to the load and frequency. The H-Amp will apply such a small load on an amplifier that it will have almost no effect on the impedance.

How many H-Amps can I connect to a power amp?
The number of H-Amps is limited based on the amplifier's minimum impedance rating. Most power amps today are able to run down to 4-Ohms. So long as you do not exceed the numbers recommended in the using page, you are good to go.

Will a 200 watt per channel amp sound louder than a 100 watt amp?
Yes. But since most headphones are able to play quite loud with only 1 watt, you may find that the difference between them be academic, depending on how many sets of headphones you have connected and the impedance from each phone.

I notice the maximum power rating is 400 watts. What happens if I use more power?
If you use a louder, more powerful amplifier, so long as you do not set it to full, you should be fine. Keep in mind that headphones require very little power to make them work.

How does the impedance of the headphone affect the sound?
Lower impedance headphones will play louder.

What happens if I use two different headphones with different impedances?
Nothing. You simply adjust the level for each one to suit your preferred listening level.

What is the difference with respect to ear buds and headphones?
Ear buds typically require even less power to make them play.

Can I damage my headphones using the H-Amp?
Yes. If you play your amplifier at maximum, and turn up the H-Amp's level to max, you could potentially blow your headphones. The lower the headphone impedance, the louder they will play. Always start at lower levels and increase to a comfortable listening level.

Can I damage my ears using the H-Amp?
Yes! Always follow local health and safety regulations to make sure you do not expose yourself to high sound pressure levels for extended periods.

Can I connect the H-Amp to an active speaker?
No, the H-Amp is designed to be inserted between a power amplifier and a passive loudspeaker.

Can I connect an H-Amp in between two wedge monitors?
Yes. The Speakon connectors will act as through-puts and run the signal in parallel.