What is your current stage amp and bass setup?

Aguilar DB750 and DB410 amps and Sadowsky 5 string P Basses, Yamaha BB 2025X, Fender Fretless Jazz Bass

You said you tried a bunch of other DI's before trying the Firefly?

You name it, I've probably used it!

What was missing with them?

The WOW factor. I find most high end DI's do a great job, but the Firefly is a step above. If I could put my finger on it, I'd design one and take your business!

When did you first try the Firefly?

At a show in front of about 60,000 people.

What was your immediate reaction?

A very big smile.

How do you feel it helps with your in-ear monitors?

Now the bass is fat, clear and natural sounding.

What did the monitor and FOH engineers have to say about the sound of the Firefly?

Refer to question 3!

"The Firefly? In 40 years of playing bass, live and in the studio, nothing has been better!"

Hugh McDonald
(Bon Jovi)