JDV Specifications

The Radial JDV is unlike any other direct box made today. The absence of phase cancelling negative feedback combined with 100% discrete class-A electronics results in an astonishing clarity that is unmatched. The trade off is of course a slight reduction in signal to noise. The benefits however result in a warm cascade of even harmonics that will please even the most demanding audiophile.

Radial JDV Block Diagram
Radial JDV Frequency Reponse
Radial Blue Report
The Radial Blue Report
In effort to provide the more discerning audio engineer with all of the technical support materials to make a proper and informed decision, we have produced the Radial Blue Report. This provides in-depth distortion tests and analysis of four popular direct boxes....
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Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Audio circuit type: Active, class-A, non-feedback circuit
Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (± 1 dB)
Signal to noise ratio: 86dB @ 0dBm output
Dynamic range: 104dB
Noise floor: -86dBu
Equivalent input noise: -89dBu
Maximum input: +16dBu
Phase deviation: +1º at 20Hz | 0º at 1kHz | -7º at 20kHz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.008% @ -22dBu
Inter-modulation distortion: XLR out: 0.019%; AUX outs: 0.005% (DIN standard)
Input impedance (Drag on): Variable from 10k ~ 1 mega-Ω, unbalanced
Input impedance (Drag off): 3.9 mega-Ω for passive piezo transducers
Output impedance: XLR out: 600Ω; ¼" AUX outs: 1kΩ
Output pad: -15dB
Polarity: 180º signal polarity reverse switch
Ground lift: Disconnects pin-1 at XLR output
Low-Cut filter: -3dB @ 75Hz
High-Cut filter: -3dB @ 8kHz
Speaker pad & filter: -30dB pad and band-pass filter
XLR configuration: AES standard (pin-2 hot)
Power: +42VDC external supply included
Construction: 14 gauge steel chassis and outer shell
Finish: Durable powder coat
Size: Size: 5" x 6.25" x 2" (127 x 159 x 51mm)
Weight: 2.80lbs (1.28 kg)
Conditions: For use in dry locations only between 5°C and 40°C
Warranty: Radial 3-year, transferable
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