How would you describe the PZ-Pre and your setup?

The Radial PZ-Pre is one of the most powerful tools in my rig. I use it primarily for my Bass Veena, which is an instrument I designed for Indian Classical Music. The Bass Veena has 2 piezo pickups with separate outputs. The PZ-Pre has become the perfect companion for this instrument, not just functionally, but also tonally. With both piezo preamp inputs selected on the PZ-Pre, it brings the pickups to life with rich lows and pristine highs.

What can you say about the feature set?

The thing I love most about the PZ-Pre is just how well thought out it is. The flexibility to blend or switch 2 separate channels, have extremely precise EQ possibilities, pre and post EQ DI's, muting ability, tuner out and effects loop means that whatever I want to do, it will cover. It is one of those tools that does what it is meant to do so well, and then when I am in a bind, I can be creative and find other equally powerful ways of using it.

Do you only use it on your Bass Veena?

No. I have also started using it with a fretless bass I had built with a magnetic pickup and piezo pickup, and it sounds equally good with both! In some instances, it has even doubled as my Bassbone, when I just could not have both with me, which speaks wonders, as that is another legendary product by Radial that I love and have used for years.

What would you say to someone that is considering getting a PZ-Pre?

For anyone working with piezo pickups, this is the only way to go. It is not just for that though, and I highly recommend that string players of all backgrounds look into how the PZ-Pre could help you to get the sound you want, while providing unparalleled versatility and consistency that is required in a live and studio session.

Justin Gray
Jazz/Indian Classical Bassist and Composer

View Justin performing on his Bass-Veena and the PZ-Pre
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