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BigShot™ I/O FAQ

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Can I use the BigShot i/o to switch between guitar and keyboard?

Yes. Just keep in mind that keyboards have a lot of output because they generally have powerful buffers to drive the signal. If you plan to use a keyboard and a guitar and select between them, then the keyboard would be connected to input-2 and the DIM control would be engaged to reduce the level to match.

Can I use the BigShot i/o as an AB box to select between two amps?

Yes. For AB applications, you could use the i/o's main output to amp one and the tuner output to go to the amp two. Just keep in mind that there are no provisions for isolation and therefore, you could run into buzz and hum problems due to ground loops. If used backwards, The DIM control will also work to reduce the level going to your second amp, but we would generally not recommend using this unless you are first driving your signal and the i/o with a buffer.

Can I mix two instruments so that they are both on at the same time?

No. The idea behind the BigShot i/o is to allow the musician to select between instruments on stage and ensure the one that is not being played is completely turned off. This eliminates stage noise and reduces opportunity for runaway feedback.

Can you explain the 'bright' function?

In true-bypass passive devices like the BigShot i/o, when you introduce a resistor into the signal path such as the DIM potentiometer, the tone can be effected unless the instrument is first buffered. Keep in mind that the DIM is designed for players who transition between active and passive instruments to reduce the level from the active (buffered) instrument. In cases where the DIM is used on passive instruments, to offset some of the tonal effect, we have introduced an RC network (resistor-capacitor) that can help.

Can I use the BigShot i/o for microphones?

You could, but this would only work on unbalanced mics that employ guitar style ¼" jacks. For balanced mics, we make a series of devices called HotShots that are designed specifically to help.

Can I use the BigShot i/o to switch between studio monitor speakers?

Yes. You will however need two units for a stereo setup. A better choice would be to use a Radial MC3 monitor controller. This is designed to switch monitors and is also very affordable.

Why are there no LEDS on the BigShot i/o?

Because the i/o is completely passive, it does not require any power. As such, we eliminate the need for a power supply or batteries. The downside is that we do not have power to light up some LEDs. And although this would be nice, we felt that most players would be comfortable remembering which instrument is on at a given time.

When switching between an acoustic guitar preamp and another instrument, which channel should I use?

Preamps generally produce a louder output than instruments, so this would normally be used on Input-2 where the adjustable DIM control can balance the two instrument output levels.

Can I use BigShot I/O between my electric mandolin and acoustic guitar, and output it to Radial direct box and then to my mixing desk?

Yes! It will work very well!