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StageDirect™ FAQ

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Will the StageDirect work like a regular DI box?

Yes. Simply ignore the footswitches and it will work like a regular DI.

How does the StageDirect compare with the Radial J48™?

Both are active and phantom powered. The StageDirect adds footswitch control, a tuner output and remote muting capability.

If the StageDirect uses phantom power, why have an external power supply?

In case you are not connected to a PA system, the StageDirect can still be used as an instrument mute to help you better manage your stage sound.

What is the difference between polarity and phase?

Polarity is a term that describes a condition in the electrical domain while phase is 'technically' a time domain reference. 180° out of phase sounds the same as being polarity reversed. This is why these two terms are often interchanged.

Can I use the tuner out to feed a second guitar amp?

You can, but there is no way to turn it off. The tuner output is always active. If you choose to do this, make sure you connect all of your amps using the same power bar. This helps eliminate hum and buzz problems caused by ground loops.

Can I use the StageDirect like an AB output box?

No. The XLR and stage amp outputs only go off and on. They do not toggle like an AB box. You can, however, use the StageDirect as an AB input selector.

Is there a benefit to using the 15V DC supply over phantom?

No. The internal power regulators limit the voltage and current going to the circuit so that the end result is the same.

Why would you use the remote control?

On large concert stages, artists often have a guitar tech that will exchange guitars by running out onto the stage to disconnect one guitar and plug in the other. By having the remote footswitch just off stage, the tech can hit the footswitch to mute, change guitars and then hit the footswitch again as he walks off stage.

Why is the instrument output transformer isolated?

Transformers stop stray DC voltage from traveling between equipment. The DC offset can eliminate hum and buzz known as a ground loop from occurring.