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  • NAMM 2017 issue
  • Radial - Key-Largo keyboard mixer and DAC
  • Radial - Presenter complete keynote solution
  • Radial - Backtrack stereo audio switcher
  • Radial - Studio-Q compact talk-back solution
  • Radial - JDX Direct-Drive analog amp simulator
  • Radial - 4-play multi-channel DI
  • Radial - Catapult Cat 5 snake
  • Radial - MPRESS modular press distribution system
  • Tonebone - New Pedals
  • Primacoustic - Honeycomb Primacoustic absorbers
  • Jensen - Twin-Servo review by Resolution magazine
  • Hafler - New amps for the sudio and home
  • Dynaco - ST-70 - Tube power amplifier

P3100 Power Amplifier David Hafler pioneered the use of MOSFETs during the 1970's as a means to approach the sonic character of tubes and transition to the more practical side of discrete solid-state electronics.

  • Hafler - P3100 Power Amplifier
  • Radial - Add Bluetooth® To Your Board BT-Pro
  • Jensen -A Classic Reborn for Today's 500 Series Twin-Servo
  • Primacoustic - Acoustic Room Kits for Any Space Paintables™

P3100 Power Amplifier 2 channel power amplifier used by recording engineers now ready for your home

  • Hafler - 3100 Power Amplifier
  • Primacoustic - New Shapes, New Ideas
  • Primacoustic - Acoustic Room Kits for Any Space
  • Primacoustic - Optimizing Aesthetics with Broadway Acoustic Panels

Your Guitar, Your Tone, No Amp The Direct Drive™ is a combination amp emulator and direct box that lets you perform live or record without a guitar amplifier.

  • Your Guitar, Your Tone, No Amp JDX Direct Drive Amp Simulator
  • Add Bluetooth® To Your Board BT-Pro™ Bluetooth DI
  • Next Generation JDV Mk5 with Mic Input
  • Compact Switcher for Live Touring JX42™ four input guitar switcher

BT-Pro Bluetooth DI Finally you can control the music while you're moving around, the BT-Pro pairs with Bluetooth® to wirelessly connect your laptop, phone or tablet. Balanced outputs with trim control allow for connection to microphone or line level inputs on any PA system...

  • Your Guitar, Your Tone, No Amp JDX Direct Drive
  • Add Bluetooth® To Your Board BT-Pro™
    Bluetooth DI
  • Next Generation JDV Mk5 with Mic Input
  • A Classic goes 9V!

JDX Direct-Drive™ amp simulator is a combination amp emulator and direct box that lets you perform live or record without a guitar amplifier...

  • A Class Reborn - Jensen Twin Servo® 500
  • Add Bluetooth To Your Board - BT-Pro Bluetooth DI
  • Your Guitar, Your Tone, No Amp JDX Direct Drive Amp Simulator
  • Small Size, Big Sound - Headload Prodigy™ guitar load box

Next Generation JDV™ with Mic Input retains the purity and dynamic handling that has made it the first choice DI with artists as diverse as Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten and Bruce Swedien. New features include dual switchable inputs with level controls, Drag™ control load correction for magnetic pickups and a 10 meg-ohm option to maximize the tone with piezos...

  • NEW Twinline™
  • Expanding 500 Sereis
  • Headload™ + Headload Prodigy™
  • JX62™ Multi-channel Switcher for Wireless Guitars
  • StageDirect™ More Options with More Control
  • Decoder™ Radial Makes Mid-Side Recording Easy

The JDI Duplex is a passive direct box that is equally capable of handling low level instruments such as an electric guitar, or the most dynamic instruments, such as a digital piano. The 100% discrete design is centered around two high performance audio transformers that produce an exceptionally linear response from 10Hz to 40kHz and gently smooth out transients for a natural limiting effect that is often referred to as vintage sounding.

  • Radial buys Jensen
  • JDI Duplex™
  • JX62™ - Six input guitar switcher
  • Headload™ Guitar amp load box with built-in Radial JDX and Phazer™
  • CEDIA & AES Training
  • Jensen with two NEW solutions

The Space Heater'... Radial warms up the studio The Bassbone The Space Heater is a combination 8x2 summing mixer and tube character generator that is designed to enhance the sound of digital tracks with true tube overdrive. Arranged in stereo pairs, each of the 8 channels is equipped with a 12AX7 tube section that can be run at 37 volts to starve the tube for more character, 75 volts for tube crunch, and 150 volts for natural vintage tone...

  • The Space Heater
  • Primacoustic - Paintables in Russia with love
  • Radial buys Jensen™
  • Relaunching Hafler®
  • CEDIA & AES Training
  • JDI Duplex™ - Increased flexibility with laptops and tablets

Introducing the Bassbone OD (Overdrive)'... The next generation Bassbone is here! The Bassbone OD is a powerpacked command center for bass instruments of all kinds! This next generation Bassbone has two full-feature channels, an overdrive circuit, direct box, effects loop and headphone out. Ideal for top-level bass players or weekend warriors who want the best. Several world renowned bassists have given the new Bassbone a test run.

  • Introducing the Bassbone OD (Overdrive)
  • Headload™ Guitar Amp Load Box
  • Space Heater™ 8 Channel Tube Summer
  • Two new footswitches: the JR-1L and JR-1M
  • The second generation SW8 is now shipping
  • These pages are crawling with bugs...

Headload™ Guitar Amp Load Box Finally a load box that deliversIt is a 100% discrete guitar amp load box that lets you attenuate the output of the guitar amplifier so that it can be driven hard for improved tone without being overly loud on stage or in the studio.

  • StageBug SB-5 (Nominated for a TEC award)
  • Headload™ Guitar Amp Load Box
  • Space Heater™ 8 Channel Tube Summer
  • Two new footswitches: the JR-1L and JR-1M
  • The second generation SW8 is now shipping
  • These pages are crawling with bugs...

Bootsy Collins...helming the Funkship in the 'Firefly Zone'... The iconic Bootsy Collins is happy to report he has been flying in what he refers to as the 'Firefly Zone' these days. Bootsy recently added Radial's premium Firefly tube DI to his gear arsenal. The cheerful yellow box has been getting a lot of attention since its debut and Collins includes himself as a fan.

  • Fall 2013 issue (7mb)
  • The new StageDirect™ Direct Box. One foot-stomp gives you complete control on stage
  • Bootsy Collins...helming the Funkship in the 'Firefly Zone'
  • The exciting new Voco-Loco™
  • Primacoustic now on Sketchup

Gold Dig and Cherry Pick your way to the perfect sound... While gold digging seems opportunistic and cherry picking a tad 'charmed', we assure you these new pieces of gear have only the best of intentions - to help you find your perfect sound, fast! The Gold Digger lets you compare up to 4 microphones and quickly switch between them using radio-style push-button selectors...

  • Spring 2013 issue (1mb)
  • Now you can add guitar pedal effects to live vocals. Check out the new Voco-Loco
  • Radial helps Rush's latest tour run like clockwork
  • Lunch is ready! Two new 500 series racks are now shipping
  • Meet the brand new StageBugs..4 compact high performance Dis

The new PZ-DI™ winning fans from day one The Radial PZ-DI is a special direct box that is designed to work with all types of acoustic and orchestral instruments by enabling you to optimize the input impedance to match the pickup or transducer...

  • Fall 2012 issue (1.15mb)
  • Introducing the new PZ-DI
  • Cherry Picker and Gold Digger debut at AES 2012
  • Radial introduces the Firefly DI
  • Primacoustic introduces the Paintables
  • 4 new 500 series modules unveiled
  • The Radial SixPack to be presented at AES 2012

Primacoustic introduces the Paintables™ Read about how Paul McCartney mixed with Recoil Stabilizers.

  • Summer 2012 issue (415kb)
  • Introducing the Primacoustic Paintables.
  • Improved Acoustics help firefighters perform life saving work
  • Recoil Stabilizers now mountable
  • New London Kits
  • Using ProRMP to improve wireless sound

New 500 series rack now available.. A third variation on the 500 series rack format is now available with the Workhorse WR3, a single space 19" rack that can house three modules...

  • Oct-Nov AES 2011 issue (415kb)
  • Introducing the Radial Firefly Tube Preamp.
  • Radial WR8 and H-Amp nominated for TEC awards.
  • Primacosutic ShowPad 2 mic stand iPad 2 holder.
  • Radial TankDriver 500 series reverb tank interface.
  • Primacoustic paintable acoustic tiles.

Don't change your PA system just yet...The problem is commonly due to poor room acoustics. An interesting development has occurred in recent times: folks have finally started to become aware that the acoustic space plays a critical role with respect to the final sound of the room. In other words…unless you 'fix the room', changing the PA may in fact not solve the problem at all....

  • Workhorse now available without mixer
  • Radial releases the Whos-DOC for Workhorse...
  • Don't change your PA system just yet...
  • The problem could be poor room acoustics.
  • Primacoustic in Tommy Lee's new Atrium Studio
  • Ryan Hewitt talks about the EXTC

Radial JDX advances live touring Professional touring is all about efficiency. It starts with truck packing, getting in the venue to set up the stage, pulling off a great show and then packing it up again. 100 nights in a row. The excitement of being on the road has plenty of benefits, but at the end of the day, it's about getting the job done. Over the past decade....

  • Radial Workhorse now shipping
  • Modules redesigned to adapt
  • Eddie Kramer (Led Zeppelin & Hendrix Engineer) adds Recoils
  • Dimmu Borgir and Radiohead replace guitar mic with JDX Reactor
  • Primacoustic adds more Isotools to the range. Updates VoxGuard!
  • How to improve sound of inear monitors with direct feed from  amp

The Importance of Analogue Mic Splitters in a Digital World - It is true, the digital snake has come of age. You can now send unlimited numbers of audio channels between various pieces of equipment and network them at infinitum. Before you go off and simply buy the next best thing… there are some issues you need to consider…

  • Primacoustic at the Winter olympics!
  • Workhorse & modules released to manufacturing.
  • Primacoustic intros 'Lanterns', new acoustic baffles.
  • Conversation with Scott Henderson
  • J+4 Stereo Line Driver, H-Amp, Eclipes and more.

Choosing the right DI for bass A question we get asked all the time is; 'which DI should I get for my bass?' To answer this properly, you really have to consider all of the parameters. First, you need to know what kind of bass is being used. For instance, if you have a passive bass like a Fender Precision or Jazz, these will generate around 1 or 2 volts when played loud. Most 48V phantom powered active DI boxes are capable of handling this type of level. But if you have an active bass...

  • Workhorse - Radial revolutionizes the Lunchbox!
  • Lunchbox modules - Radial intros 7 new modules
  • Primacoustic intros Iso-Tools: tools for studio & stage
  • Artist File: Dream Theatre, Jars of Clay, Pab Boothroyd
  • J+4 Stereo Line Driver, Vienna Chorus, H-Amp
    and more.....

David Bottril Installs Primacoustic in Studio. When Brian Moncarz and I were setting up Rattlebox Studios, we had rooms that were basic rectangles. We wanted to keep the aesthetic of the room, such as the red brick and hardwood floors but tune the room to an international standard. I turned to Primacoustic because I was familiar with their product from being in studios I had worked at....

  • Wooten, Miller and Clarke - thunder on stage with Radial
  • Forest Audio debuts with F15 Roundback 2-channel DI/Pre/Re-amper
  • New Primacoustic 'Machine Room' acoustic computer silencer
  • Feature Product - Radial SW4 concert console switcher
  • Slayer's secret weapon, Recoil Up-Fire, Lunchbox series and more...

Acoustics Made Easy - Easy Fix for Your Vocal Booth - For years folks have complained that most vocal booths do not sound good. The problem is commonly known as 'chest hump' or more precisely, an accentuated response in the low mid-range that causes the voice to boom in the150Hz to 300Hz region. Now if you take a minute and think about it... and then do a little bit of easy math, you will quickly come to the realization that it is the room itself that is causing the problem. Good news is Primacoustic offers a really easy and affordable solution…

  • Chuck Ainlay adds Primacoustic Recoils
  • New Radial V8 modular snake debuts
  • New Primacoustic London 12a studio/theatre acoustics kit
  • Feature Product - Radial SGI StudionGuitar Interface
  • New 'Bones' pedal range introduced

Daniel Lanois Picks Radial - Radial Engineering is pleased to announce that Daniel Lanois, arguably the most influential musician engineer- producer today, recently added Radial direct boxes to his recording arsenal. In addition to his ground-breaking work with U2, Mr. Lanois has produced and engineered works by Bob Dylan, Marianne Faithfull, Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris.

  • Radial PZ-Pre acoustic instrument preamp
  • Radial JX44 Air Control launches at NAMM
  • Gefell UM930 twin-capsule multi-pattern studio mic
  • Forest Audio debuts with the Q6 counter-coil EQ
  • Artist News - Sting, Daniel Lanois, Paul Simon, Mark Tremonti

Acoustics 101 for Studios- Just like large commercial studios, home studios suffer from acoustical interference that can make it more difficult to mix, especially when surrounded with the sound effects and ambiance that now typifies today's stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixes. In professional studios, the walls are strategically treated with fabric-covered absorptive panels on the sides, front, rear and sometimes on the ceilings....

  • Primacoustic's new Broadway series gets rave reviews
  • Radial JX44 Air Control launches at AES
  • Radial SW8 auto-switcher for backing track redundancy
  • Daniel Lanois picks Radial DIs, CBC chooses Gefell Mics
  • More New Products - Gefell M950, Primacoustic FullTrap