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OX8™ Using & Applications

The following is a quick look at how you would use the Radial OX8 in common situations. Complete details about the many features built into the Radial OX8 mic splitter and information on connecting it to your system can be found in the user guide.
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The Radial OX8 may be ordered with premium Jensen JT-MB-CPC transformers or Eclipse ET-MS10 transformers as an affordable alternative. All of these transformers feature ultra-precise scatter winding techniques, nickel-laminated cores, internal Faraday shielding and a MuMETAL® outer shield to keep RF and outside electro-magnetic fields from polluting the all-important magnetic bridge. Keep in mind that the audio signal path is bridged passively via the transformer and this is the 'engine' that does the work.

The Eclipse MS10 transformer provides a very solid performance from 20Hz to 20kHz and is ideal for the most demanding live and recording applications. The Jensen JT-MB-CPC transformer extends the frequency response from 10Hz to 40kHz making these 'the ultimate choice' for ultra-high resolution applications.

One of the key attributes built-in to the Radial OX8 is a noise eliminating RF filter on each channel. Noise is further reduced by shortening the input circuit length in front of the transformer, effectively eliminating the antenna. A dual sided military spec printed circuit board increases solder flow to both sides to improve connectivity and part bonding. This is particularly beneficial for larger parts such as the transformers that may be tossed around in between shows!