Wed, August 15, 2001

Vancouver BC: Primacoustic Australis bass trap introduced.

Vancouver BC: Primacoustic, a division of C-Tec is pleased to introduce the Australis corner bass trap.

The Australis is a 12" x 12" x 36" corner trap that takes out excess bass, providing a more neutral sounding listening environment. Made from the highest-density acoustical open cell foam, the Australis bass trap is an excellent solution to the dreaded '300Hz problem' that plagues many studios.

Typical wall treatments are only effective over 500Hz and cause a spectral imbalance by darkening the high end without ballancing out bass. According to Primacoustic President, Peter Janis: "Many people use acoustical foam to absorb standing waves. The problem is that unless they take out all frequencies, they are left with a room that is bass heavy. This makes producing a 'balanced mix' difficult at best. The Australis bass trap can be positioned pretty much anywhere in a room and will essentially suck-out the excess bass that will still be present. Only then can true broadband absorption can then be fully realized."

The Australis bass trap can be mounted vertically in corners and at the ceiling joint for maximum performance in a wall cluster. Comes in dark charcoal gray in a certified fire-retardant formulation.

For more information, please contact Primacoustic #114-1585 Broadway, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 2M7. Tel: 604-942-1001 Fax 604-942-1010

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