February 1, 2002

Vancouver BC: Primacoustic Freeport.

Primacoustic Freeport!™

Port Coquitlam, BC Canada - Primacoustic, (The acoustical division of J.P. CableTek Electronics Ltd) is pleased to introduce Freeport!™, a highly effective absorbent acoustical panel that creates functional acoustic workspace in minutes.

According to Primacoustic's President Peter Janis: "Many project studios cannot employ permanent acoustical systems like the Primacoustic London Studio as they are in temporary locations, are in multi-function rooms, or as in many cases, proper panel placement is limited by doors and windows. Freeport!™ solves the problem by allowing one to create a 'sweet spot' within a room and does so at a price that everyone can afford."

Janis continues: "We looked at other portable systems and found that they were either outrageously priced or just plain poorly designed. When we set about to design Freeport!™ we worked with a mechanical engineer, bonding specialists and our acoustical team to come up with a design that was not only extremely sturdy, but would be light weight, easy to place in tight spots, height adjustable and large enough to be effective."

Freeport™ features Primafoam™ high-density, open cell acoustical foam for maximum absorbency. Like all Primacoustic panels, Primafoam™ is embedded with a fire retardant to meet the California 117 code. A rugged PVC frame is employed that extends the length and width of the panel to ensure it not droop over time, a common problem with other freestanding systems. Unlike other systems that use a wobbly tripod or mic stand, Freeport!™ features a large and sturdy offset 'T' base that provides significantly improved weight distribution while allowing the longer leg extension to slide under the console desk and cable runs.

Freeport!™ features a 24" (w) x 48" (h) panel section and is height adjustable from 5 feet to 6 feet high to compensate for console and speaker height. One may start with a pair of Freeport!™ baffles behind the monitors to reduce back-waves and standing waves and add additional Freeports!™ as needed. Because Freeport™ employs full thickness (not convoluted) high-density foam; absorption is increased over lesser products while maintaining a slim 3" depth. The result is even absorption throughout the critical voice band from 400Hz an above.

For more information contact Primacoustic, #114\-1585 Broadway, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 2M7 Tel; (604) 942-1001 Fax; (604) 942-1010 or visit .


How does Freeport work?
The concept with Freeport is to create an intimate near-filed environment for mixing. By controlling powerful primary reflections, you can create a better and more comfortable working environment. Freeport is normally placed adjacent to speakers and between the walls where sound may reflect and cause comb-filtering or cancellations.

Will Freeport turn my room into a true recording studio?
Freeport will solve many problems in a room including direct reflections, standing waves, and resonance and this will make recording music easier and more enjoyable. It will not however change walls, or turn a bedroom into a $100,000 dollar studio.

Is Freeport easy to set-up and take down?
Yes! It only takes a few minutes to set Freeport up or to take it down. Just be reasonably gently so that you do not break it or damage the edges. The easiest way to assemble Freeport is to put the base together, attach the legs to the panel (upside down) and then fit the panel into the base.

How many Freeports do I need for my room?
Small rooms can get away with two, most normal rooms will use four and bigger rooms can use between 6 and 9 when trying to create a 5.1 surround environment. Best part about Freeport is that you can add them as you go!

Will Freeport absorb all frequencies?
Freeport is effective from about 500Hz up. This means that most directional frequencies will be absorbed. High frequency primary reflections are the most troublesome and Freeport makes controlling these easy! To absorb bass, you will need bigger and thicker bass traps like the Primacoustic Australis.

How tall is Freeport and is it adjustable?
Out of the box, Freeport stands over six feet high. The legs can be cut top lower Freeport somewhat. Because we use off-the-shelf PVC, you can always buy some and cut it up to whatever the desired height.

What kind of foam do you use on Freeport?
We use the same high-density open cell acoustical foam on Freeport that we use in our popular Primacoustic studio range. This is embedded with a fire retardant to meet the California C117 specification. This is the highest density foam on the market for acoustical applications.

Is Freeport available in colors?
No. Freeport comes in a charcoal gray, which has been found to be neutral and well accepted. Colored foams tend to be extremely light and oxygen sensitive and as a result fade and discolor to where they become unsightly. When we color the foam, we incorporate a carbon pigment that naturally resists UV contamination and oxidization.

Can I paint Freeport?
Yes. Be careful to only dust the surface. If you fill the pores you will reduce the effectiveness. Also, once painted, you will create a hard outer crust that will trap bass and reflect more highs. You may also find that it will be come for fragile as touching the paint could cause it to crack. Check the manufacture's specifications before painting to make sure the paint will not react with polyurethane.

For more information, please contact Primacoustic #114-1585 Broadway, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 2M7. Tel: 604-942-1001 Fax 604-942-1010

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