Wed, August 15, 2001

Vancouver BC:
Radial Engineering ships new JDI mk3 Duplex direct box.

PORT COQUITLAM, BC, CANADA, August 10TH, 2001 Radial Engineering is proud to commence shipment of the JDI mk3 Duplex, a true dual channel direct box for stereo sources such as keyboards.

The mk3 Duplex features a Jensen transformer on each channel for virtually no phase deviation, combined with exceptionally high signal handling capacity. Signal capacity is critical for wide band instruments such as keyboards that tend to get lost in the mix when competing with bass, guitars and percussion.

Like the new JDI mk3 and the original JDI, This Jensen transformer equipped direct box all but eliminates phase distortion, which is present on many competing products. As Radial Production Manager Jim Andrews puts it: "We believe that phase distortion is probably the most under-rated issue with respect to achieving uncolored sound. The Duplex is less than 4º off and less than .5 dB away from being perfectly linear from 5Hz to 80kHz."

Two ¼" input/thru-put jacks on each of the 2 channels for typical instrument to amplifier feed through, plus an innovative 'merge' function on each channel that allows two inputs to be mixed to mono. This allows two stereo sources or four mono sources to only use two channels, valuable when mono point-source systems are employed.

Other features on each channel include a 15dB input pad, a polarity reverse, ground lift and a speaker level input with low pass filter circuit which emulates the sound of a typical guitar amplifier. The JDI Duplex may also be used to convert consumer stereo signal levels to balanced mic levels for long cable runs.

The Radial JDI mk3 Duplex is housed in a 14 gauge steel frame, with recessed switches to reduce opportunity for damage. Dual ¼" input/thru-put combination and balanced XLR output connectors are provided. A no-slip full bottom pad allows JDI's to be stacked, and prevents ground contamination through chassis to chassis contact.

For more information, please contact Radial Engineering at #114-1585 Broadway, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 2M7. Tel: 604-942-1001 Fax 604-942-1010 email:

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