February 1, 2002

Vancouver BC: Radial ToneBone introduced.

Radial ToneBone™

Port Coquitlam, BC Canada - Radial Engineering, (The electronics division of J.P. CableTek Electronics Ltd) is pleased to introduce two Radial ToneBone Tube Distortion Pedals; the ToneBone™ Classic and the ToneBone™ Hot British.

Housed in a compact foot-pedal enclosure, Radial ToneBone™ distortion pedal features a hybrid 12AX7 tube and transistor circuitry that combine to provide both tonal range and natural tube warmth.

According to company president, Peter Janis: "We started playing with tube distortion pedals in the late 1970s and over the past 20 years, have refined the process to what many believe to be the finest distortion pedals made today. In fact, even though the range is huge, it is almost impossible to get a bad sound! Plug into the Tonebone™ pedals and you will find a huge array of tonal textures all of which are rich in harmonics while retaining the punch and dynamics of the instrument."

Two pedals are offered; the ToneBone™ Classic derives its tone from amplifiers used in the 60's and 70's while the ToneBone™ Hot British brings forth the more aggressive sounds that have become popular in the 80's, 90's and 2000s!

Both pedals feature a drive and output controls to set system levels, low and high frequency active equalization, filtering, tone shaping and boost switches. A heavy-duty foot switch is employed featuring 'true bypass' operation that allows the guitar to pass through the pedal without artifact. The ToneBone™ pedals come equipped with a 15V power supply to drive the tube.

Janis continues: "Most tube distortion pedals are one trick ponies: They are good at one sound but only one sound. Our goal in developing the ToneBone™ was to provide the guitarist with a range of sounds so that when playing live or in the studio, one could extend the tonal palette beyond the norm."

"For those that truly understand the intricacy of electronics, these pedals are quite fantastic. Usually, when the guitar is turned down, the pedals starve and become listless. Not so with ToneBone™! It is as if you are connected directly to the amplifier. The guitar interacts with the same 'feel' as playing with an amplifier which is a subtlety only truly appreciated by very serious players. Furthermore, we drive the 12AX7 tube with a full 12 Volts and do so by using a more powerful 15 Volt supply. This ensures the tube will not starve."

For more information contact Radial Engineering, #114\-1585 Broadway, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 2M7 Tel; (604) 942-1001 Fax; (604) 942-1010 or visit .

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