January 21, 2006
Aerosmith goes live with the Radial SGI

Vancouver BC: Radial Engineering is pleased to announce that Bad boy rockers Aerosmith are back on the road crisscrossing the continent performing the "Rockin' The Joint" tour with one of the most demanding guitar setups ever. With them to help make it happen are the Radial JD7 Injector and the new Radial SGI Studio Guitar Interface.

The Radial product was selected by long-time guitar tech Jim Survis who has been working with Aerosmith since 1992. Mr. Survis elaborates: "Joe Perry has gone full out on this tour, traveling with 4 different guitar amps and a full pedalboard. Joe wanted to recreate some of the truly distinct and remarkable guitar tones from the album in a live set-up. To make all of this work we have combined a Radial SGI with a Radial JD7 whereby the wireless system connects to the SGI and the guitar signal is then sent to the pedalboard some 75 feet away. From there, we send the pedalboard feed through another SGI that goes to the amp area where it feeds a Radial JD7. During the show, we transition between several amps and even combine some to get the right tones. Last week, Joe told me that in all of his years of playing, his live tone has never been so good! I think that pretty much sums it up."

The Radial SGI can be thought of as a 500 foot guitar cable. It features an active transmit module called the SGI TX that connects to the passive RX receive module via standard XLR cables. The TX is equipped with Drag control that allows you to adjust the load on the pickup and make it sound as if you are connected to a 20 ft cable. The SGI - studio guitar interface - was originally designed to allow guitarists to play guitar in front of the studio monitors while the amp could be situated in an isolated room. Obviously Aerosmith using it live demonstrates the SGI's flexibility.

The Radial JD7 is a guitar signal distribution system that allows a guitar signal to drive as many as 6 amps and a tuner at the same time. Each output is transformer isolated to eliminate hum and buzz while retaining the natural tone of the instrument.

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