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January 21, 2006
Radial® expands HotShot range with ABi and ABo

Vancouver BC: Following the trail set by the Radial HotShot™ DM1 mic mute and switcher, Radial Engineering is pleased to add two new items to the HotShot series; the HotShot ABi and HotShot ABo.

Positioned as 'tools for pro audio touring' the HotShot series includes various signal switching devices that are designed to make simple tasks like switching audio around easy. The HotShot ABi is a simple AB switcher with two XLR inputs and an output that could be used to select from two mics and direct the signal to a mixer such as when toggling between a lavalier or a podium mic. The ABo works in reverse with one input and two outputs where a microphone could for instance toggle between two different channels on a mixer whereby one channel could be set to normal while the second could have an effect like added reverb or chorus doubling effect on the voice.

Both HotShot pedals feature heavy duty 14 gauge steel construction, isolated XLR connectors and high cycling switches for added life. These are expected to retail for $75.

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