OCT 8, 2003
Radial JS-2 & JS-3 Jensen Equipped Mic Splitters

Vancouver BC: Radial Engineering is pleased to to announce the Radial JS-2 and JS-3, two high quality Jensen Transformer equipped microphone splitters designed for use in professional live sound and studio environments.

The Radial JS-2 features a balanced input, a direct throughput, a second auxiliary direct throughput with ground lift and a transformer Isolated output. Normally, the XLR-F input would be from a microphone. A 30dB pad is also provided when using the JS-2 with line level devices. The direct output is used to drive the front-of-house (FOH) mixing console and is direct coupled to allow 48V DC Phantom return path to the microphone. A second auxiliary output is designed to drive a recording device or a transformer Isolated broadcast split. This output is equipped with a ground lift to minimize ground loops and to cut-off 48V DC from phantom powering. The Isolated output is bridged using a Jensen JT-MBC transformer. The JT-MBC is a 1:1,600-Ohm transformer that is optimized for concert touring where battling noise is relentless. It features exceptional common mode noise rejection with up to -100dB at 60Hz.

The Radial JS-3 is identical expect it employs a Jensen JT-MBD mic bridging transformer. The JT-MBD features a 1:1:1 with dual secondary windings to allow dual Isolated outputs. This allows the JS-3 to be equipped with a main direct-out for FOH, and two Isolated outs for monitor mix and broadcast feed.

According to radial Custom Shop Manager Steve Hopia: “Over the past 10 years, we have built hundreds of large format touring snake systems and have always used Jensen Transformers. They do cost more than the cheap transformers, but employ a laminated nickel construction to ensure the phase correlation is maintained. Our customers have come to the realization that as their sound systems improve, all aspects of the system need to be scrutinized and this includes cabling and the way the mic signals are distributed. These same customers have been asking us for a modular solution for small installations and the increased demand from artists to record live performances. The Radial JS-2 and JS-3 provide a simple platform to achieve these objectives.

Both the Radial JS-2 and JS-3 employ electrically Isolated XLR inputs and outputs and feature a stand-alone housing with 14-gauge, I-Beam steel frame with durable powder coat finish and an innovative bookend cover. These combine to ensure the JS is never exposed to outside stress that could cause cold solder joints while providing the switches and jacks with maximum protection against damage. For more permanent installations, as many as eight of the JS-2 and JS-3 may be 19” rack-mounted using the 2RU Radial J-Rack shelf. This is accomplished by merely removing the bookend covers from the JS-2/3s and inserting these into a similar more compact housing. These are, in turn, mounted in the J-Rak with choice of front or rear positioning of the inputs.

For more information, contact Radial Engineering:1638 Kebet Way, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5W9. Tel: 604-942-1001 Fax 604-942-1010

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