This product has been discontinued and is no longer shipping. Manufacturing specs and user information is provided below for owners of the product.

BigShot EFX Effects Loop Switcher

Part # R800 7204

About the BigShot EFX

  • Switch between two separate effects loops
  • Take noisy pedals out of the signal chain
  • Create true-bypass signal path with all pedals
  • Compact design does not require any power

The BigShot EFX is a true-bypass effects loop switcher that lets you set up two separate effects loops and insert them into your pedal chain at will. This means that noisy pedals or tone robbing non true-bypass pedals that you ‘love to hate’ can now be used and completely taken out of the signal path when they are not needed.

Better yet, while effects loop-A is on ‘standby’ you can turn on and off a series pedals in loop-B to prepare your next sound effect without affecting what is happening live. Then, with one foot stomp a whole chain of pedals can be activated! All of a sudden, your performance becomes seamless and professional – as if you had a custom made switcher. Yes! This is easily done with the BigShot EFX. And because both loops are in series, you can feed one into the other to add even more creative options to your tone.

The compact yet ultra rugged design makes the BigShot EFX ideal for pedalboards where space is always at a premium. Furthermore, because it does not require any power to make it work, it eliminates the need for batteries and space hungry power supplies. You simply plug in and begin to play.

The BigShot EFX opens the door to professional pedal management and lets you do it all right at your feet!

BigShot EFX Applications

Using the EFX with two pedal chains

The BigShot EFX makes it easy to set up two separate pedal chains. This way, you can have one set up with one series of effects that you like to use together and the second with effects such as a delay and chorus that you may bring in and out of your signal chain more often.

Using the EFX with one loop and a tuner

Taking pedals and tuners out of the signal chain will often reduce noise and loading on your pickups. This creates a more natural tone. Use loop-1 for your pedals. Move the mute switch to the up position and now loop-2 can be used as a guitar mute while still sending signal to the tuner output.

Using the EFX as an ABY amp switcher

Connect SEND-1 to your first amp and SEND-2 to your second amp. You can now turn on each amp individually like a regular ABY box. Use the output to feed a tuner and you can monitor your guitar as you play.