Mix 2:1 FAQ

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Can I use the MIX 2:1 to sum two guitar signals together?

No. Use the Tonebone Mix-Blender™ instead.

Can I use the MIX 2:1 to sum two microphones together?

Yes you can, but keep in mind that the MIX 2:1 is not a microphone preamp, so when summing two microphone signals together you will still need to connect the output of the MIX 2:1 to the mic input of a console or a standalone mic preamp.

Can I connect condenser microphones directly to the MIX 2:1?

No, the MIX 2:1 is a passive device, so it cannot provide the phantom power necessary for operating condenser microphones.

Will I damage the MIX 2:1 if I send phantom power to it?

No, the MIX 2:1 features blocking capacitors on the XLR output that prevent phantom power from damaging the unit.

Can I use the MIX 2:1 to sum two line level inputs together?

Absolutely, the MIX 2:1 can handle signals of up to +20dB, including the outputs of a mixing console, microphone preamps, or a recording interface.

Can I use the MIX 2:1 with speaker level signals?

No, the MIX 2:1 is designed for mic or line level signals only, speaker level signals will damage the circuitry of the MIX 2:1.

If I have the level control bypass switch engaged, can I still use the 180 degree polarity switch?

Yes, the 180° switch will operate even if you bypass the level control on input 2.

When I sum two signals together with the MIX 2:1, won’t the output be twice as loud?

No, the MIX 2:1 automatically compensates for the 6dB of gain that incurs when summing two in-phase signals together.

Can I use the ¼ inputs at the same time as the XLR inputs?

We recommend only using one type at a time.

Will the MIX 2:1 color the sound in any way?

The MIX 2:1 is designed for completely transparent operation, with no transformers or ICs in the circuit path: what you put in is what you get out.

Can I use the MIX 2:1 backwards to split a signal to two destinations?

No, use the Radial LX-2™ instead.

Can I use the MIX 2:1 to convert a signal from unbalanced to balanced?

No, the MIX 2:1 doesn’t feature any audio transformers or active circuitry, which typically perform the task of balancing an unbalanced signal, such as in our DI boxes. You can connect unbalanced signals to the inputs of the MIX 2:1, but keep in mind that the output will also be unbalanced, so you may experience signal loss with cables longer than 20ft (6m) in length.

Can I use a single mono source with the MIX 2:1?

Yes, the MIX 2:1 can be used to provide level attenuation, polarity correction, and ground lift to a single mono feed should the need arise.

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