ProMS2™ Using & Applications

The following page outlines how to use the ProMS2 in a typical live sound environment. For more details, we invite you to download the owner's manual by clicking the icon at left.

Making connections

As with all electronic equipment, make sure you turn levels down or turn components off before making connections. This will help avoid damage from turn-on transients that could otherwise harm more sensitive devices such as loudspeakers.

Connect your microphone to the XLR female INPUT and the XLR male DIRECT OUTPUT to your main mixing console. This connection allows 48V DC phantom power to be sent from the main mixer back, should you be using a condenser microphone or active direct box. Test at a low volume to make sure signal is passing.

Next, connect the ISOLATED XLR male output to your second mixer. Because this output is transformer isolated, it will block DC voltage from passing through the ProMS2 which could cause noise. Depending on the setup, you may want to use the transformer isolated output to either feed your monitors or your recording system. The advantage with an isolated output is greater immunity to noise when connecting more than two consoles together. Test this output to make sure signal is passing.

The third DIRECT-2 output is an XLR out with a ground lift switch. This 'auxiliary output' is used an alternate when sending the signal to a third mixer. This is often used to feed a broadcast truck as these are generally equipped with transformer isolated inputs.

Using the ground lift

Both the isolated and direct-2 outputs are equipped with ground lift switches. Should you encounter hum or buzz, simply depress the switch to find the setting that is most quiet. Lifting the ground also stops phantom power from flowing. This eliminates the chance of having two consoles attempting to supply 48 volts to the same microphone.

Using the pad

Occasionally, you may encounter an extra hot source device such as the balanced line level output of a video playback machine that may need to be connected to your PA system. These high output devices can overload the mic bridging transformer. If you hear distortion, simply depress the -30dB pad. This will reduce the input sensitivity going to the transformer and solve the problem. Keep in mind that the output from the ProMS2 is mic level and should be connected to the mic input of a mixer.