Bass Legend Marcus Miller
with Peter Janis
Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy
of Alter Bridge
Superstar bassist Billy Sheehan
with Peter Janis
Annihilator guitarist Jeff Waters
with his Tonebone Hot British

Artist Relations

As with other manufacturers in the professional audio and music industry, Radial has a very active artist relations department. Radial artist relations works closely with a select group of artists to develop new products and expand Radial's brand awareness. When artists contact Radial to acquire product, both parties clearly understand that the intent is to provide mutually beneficial advantages such as using the artist name to promote Radial brands for greater visibility in the media, and provide the artist with quality products and support. In addition, Radial's goal is to develop a long term relationship with each Radial artist.

Artists wishing to enter into a relationship with Radial or its subsidiaries will be considered by a Radial artist relations person, reviewing information about the artist on web sites, videos, audio, award nomination and wins, chart activity, touring status, song writing and recording collaboration along with other areas determined by Radial. We consider a review process necessary and is a consistent means for Radial to maintain a high level of artist quality on the roster. Due to the overwhelming number of submissions, it might take a while to respond but we will review each inquiry and reply in a timely manner. Radial makes no guarantee that we will approve an artists inquiry until Radial determines it to be a good fit. Radial's goal regarding artist relations is to work with well known artists that have sufficient market appeal to influence musicians and industry associates. This means that for the most part, we can only support artists with a proven track record and therefore are not always able to support up-and-coming artists.

It is understood that should Radial agree to supply a product directly to the artist, this is done as a means to associate the Radial brand with the artist and that the artist agrees and authorizes Radial to use the artist's name, image, quotation, interview or other marketing tools for the purpose of marketing via our websites, magazine advertisements, press releases, packaging and/or print media. Should the artist prefer to not have his/ her name associated with our company, it is the artist's sole responsibility to provide Radial in writing, detailing the limitations that are being requested. We understand the sensitivity of this issue and will do whatever we can to ensure the artist is presented in a professional manner. If the artist is not interested in authorizing our use of his/ her name or image, we ask that the artist simply purchase our products through an authorized Radial dealer.

All artist inquiries can be made by emailing