J-Iso™ and Pro-Iso™ Development

Necessity is often the mother of invention and the Radial J-Iso certainly follows the adage. Converting audio from one form to another is needed on a daily basis. In the studio you may need to convert the output from a recording system to a CD player while in live touring, you may need to record a show. The J-Iso is designed to make the process easy and pretty much full-proof.

A passive solution

The Radial J-Iso is passive. This means that it does not require any form of power whatsoever to make it work. Instead, two premium quality Jensen transformers do the work of unbalancing the audio and converting the signal. Because a professional +4dB line level signal source is so much louder than an unbalanced -10dB consumer level, the source drives the transformers which in turn feed the receiving device.

The quality of the transformer will determine the frequency response, distortion and signal handling. Jensen is the world's leader in audio transformer technology and is renowned for their ability to deliver audio without artefact. This makes the J-Iso ideal for interfacing musical program material at full bandwidth with maximum dynamic range. For those who merely need to record voice, the more affordable Radial Pro-Iso is suggested.

Transformers also benefit by helping eliminate the hum and buzz caused by ground loops. Transformers block stray DC currents which can cause voltage discrepancies. These in turn cause noise. Lifting the audio ground path and isolating the source and destination, you are fully equipped to deliver a noise-free interface.

Great connections

When in the heat and stress of a live event searching for interface cables is never pleasant. To make it easy, the J-Iso comes complete with a wide array of output connectors for just about any situation: For high impedance recording systems, you can use a pair of stacked ¼" connectors. For interfacing with consumer products like CD players, video recorders and hi-fi systems, a set of RCA connectors makes it easy. This for instance could be used to send a signal from a live performance in a night club to the restaurant's hi-fi system. And to interface with laptops and hand held recorders, a mini 3.5mm (1/8") TRS jack bridges today's portable electronic devices with simplicity.

Form and function

Following the proven design that is employed throughout the Radial product range, the J-Iso features our innovative book-end design that creates protective zones around the switches, potentiometer and connectors. The internal I-beam construction ensures that outside stress will not torque the PC board which in turn could cause premature solder joint failure.

The J-Iso is also perfectly suited to be used with the J-Rak or the J-Clamp. These clever devices allow Radial boxes to be either rack mounted or securely clamped down into place for semi-permanent installations.

Comparing the J-Iso and the Pro-Iso

Selecting between the J-Iso and the Pro-Iso is easy. If you intend to record full bandwidth music, the J-Iso's Jensen equipped signal path will deliver exceptional audio. If on the other hand you are recording a sermon in a house of worship, a speech at your local council chambers or need to transfer a newscast to the internet, the Pro-Iso delivers voice range quality that will be more than sufficient to handle the task.

Pro-Iso Frequency Response

J-Iso Frequency Response