Radial V12 Splitter

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LX-3™ Development

Radial has been in the signal splitting business for more than 20 years, beginning with mic splitters built for concert touring systems, and branching out to guitar distribution units, press boxes, line level splitters, and other innovative problem-solving devices.

Each new product in this family is designed to fill a specific need, usually on a live stage or in a broadcast environment. The V12™ modular splitter system splits microphone signals on stage to feed FOH, monitors, and a recording truck. The OX8™ has the same functionality, but in a 1RU rack mounted enclosure, and the JS2™ and JS3™ are DI box-sized microphone splitters that suit the engineer who only needs to send a single channel to multiple destinations.

For applications that require splitting signals from sources with higher output levels, such as a mixing console or microphone preamp, the LX8™ was designed to meet those needs. Similar to the JS3™, the LX-3 now provides the option to split a professional line level source to multiple destinations with a compact single channel device. The main difference between the JS3™ and the LX-3 is the transformer: while they both use premium quality Jensen® transformers, the one in the LX-3 (model JT-123-FLPCH) is optimized for the best performance with line level signals. This makes it the best choice for splitting a mono console output to three powered speakers, for example.

While each of these devices is purpose-built for a specific situation, they all follow our Radial design philosophy, which is to make indestructible products with the highest quality performance, and the ability to integrate into audio systems seamlessly to solve problems. The LX-3 exhibits all of these traits, with a 14-gauge solid steel enclosure, I-beam construction, and military-grade PCB to ensure it withstands the toughest conditions on stage, along with industry-leading Jensen® transformers for the best audio performance.

Jensen transformer equipped