RELEASE DATE: August 26, 2011
SUBJECT: Radial announces the PhazeQ™ module - phase adjustment tool
CONTACT: Tatiana Kostiak, (604) 942.1001 Ext. 244
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Vancouver BC - Radial Engineering Ltd. is pleased to announce the PhazeQ, a unique 500 series phase adjustment tool that works double-duty as a phase cancelling device and summing equalizer.

Company President Peter Janis explains: "The stand-alone Radial Phazer has become very popular for both live recording and studio use. It enables the engineer to quickly phase-align two signals to vastly improve stereo imaging such as with an x-y mic stereo pair; to improve the transient attack of a snare or kick drum when using top and bottom or in-out mics; or to fatten up the sound of an electric guitar by combining a direct feed with a room mic. It's such a useful tool we decided to produce a 500 series version to fit inside our Workhorse™. But what we did not realize was that one could actually apply the phase effect using a single source. By using phase cancellation, you can create radical 'smile' curves that can range from mild to extreme. With phase summing, you can boost frequencies to create abnormal effects. This is a quirky way to EQ things for sure, but a lot of fun!"

Unlike other phase adjustment tools that are chip based or digitally created in the box, the PhazeQ features 100% discrete class-A electronics that produce a richer, warmer sounding tone. A variable phase control shifts the incoming signal from 0º to 180º and then extends the effect to 360º using a simple polarity invert switch. The blend control is set to 100% wet when the PhazeQ is used in tandem with another track. When used by itself, the blend is rotated counterclockwise to set the desired wet-dry signal mix. To further focus the effect, a variable low pass filter allows the engineer to dial out high frequencies thus only applying phase cancellation to the bottom end. This creates interesting effects while leaving natural air. Handy front panel on-off switches make it easy to compare the phase and filter effects without having to reset dial positions.

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