January 21, 2006
Radial JDIs lend a hand at Live 8

Vancouver BC: Radial Engineering is pleased to announce that that it lent a hand by providing Radial JDI and J48 direct boxes for the Live 8 event that was held on July 2nd in Barrie Ontario.

Canada's Live 8 concert, one of ten organized worldwide by Bob Geldof and the Make Poverty History campaign, was initiated to raise awareness about poverty in Africa and other nations and to pressure the G8 leaders to increase their foreign aid budgets and cancel debts owed by poor nations. This particular event brought together major artists including Bryan Adams, Randy Bachman, Barenaked Ladies, Bruce Cockburn, Deep Purple, Gordon Lightfoot, Motley Crue and Neil Young. The concert was hosted by actors Dan Aykroyd and Tom Green.

Audio production and technical support for the concert was done by Jasonaudio of Toronto, Canada. For the event, Jasonaudio specified Radial direct boxes to handle acoustic guitars, basses and keyboards. According to Jeff Berryman at Jasonaudio: "We have been using Radial DIs for over 10 years. They have proven themselves to us by being dependable and trusted by our clients. On hectic stages such as the Live 8 event, it is critically important that setups come together quickly and without problems. The Radial JDI is particularly good in these severe conditions."

The Radial JDI is a passive direct box that is exceptionally linear from 10Hz to 40kHz with extremely low harmonic distortion and virtually zero-phase distortion, making it ideal for wide bandwidth instruments. The Radial J48 is a 48V phantom powered active direct box that employs a switching power supply to increase the rail voltage for greater headroom. This is of particular advantage with today's active acoustic guitars and basses that generally overload regular active DIs.

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