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January 21, 2006
Radial® intros ProD8™ - 8 channel DI for keyboards

Vancouver BC: Radial Engineering is pleased to introduce the Radial ProD8, a high density rackmount 8-channel 19" DI that has been specifically designed to interface keyboards and pre-recorded backing tracks to the PA system with redundant inputs for live performance back-up.

According to Radial President Peter Janis: "As most of you know, we spend a lot of time in the field discussing problems and solutions with our customers. This gives us tremendous insight that helps us develop new products. A big concern with touring professional is computer failure due to system crashes. Everyone knows how computers can lock up in their office during a regular work day. Imagine your computer being knocked around in a truck for 8 hours or tossed on and off an airplane between gigs! To solve the problem, bands generally carry complete back-up systems that can include computers, sound cards and multi-track recorders for backing tracks. The problem is switching between the active system and the backup. We developed the Radial ProD8 specifically to address these needs by providing redundant input connectors on every channel to allow the technician to select from input A or B by hitting a switch. Simple and elegant."

The ProD8's input panel is quipped with two A-B ¼" inputs for main and back-up sources, a throughput for personal monitoring and an effects loop that allows both A-B sources to share the same effects for each channel. The output panel features a XLR connector, -15dB input pad selector and ground lift witch. A 180º polarity reverse switch is internally mounted and factory set with pin 2 hot. Completely passive, the ProD8 employs eight custom wound Radial transformers that are linear from 20Hz to 18kHz and able to withstand highly dynamic levels from sources such as digital samplers and drum machines without flinching. To reduce interference from outside magnetic fields, the transformers are equipped with a mu-metal nickel outer shield thus reducing phase distortion to an absolute minimum.

For greater system setup flexibility, the Radial ProD8 features a reversible set of rack ears that allows the ¼" input panel or the XLR output panels to be position on the front or back, depending on system engineer preferences.

Suggested retail price: $800 USD

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