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Twinline™ FAQ

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Can I use the Twinline with stereo effects?

The Twinline is a mono signal router. You could however use two Twinlines if you happen to have stereo effects loops on your two amps and like them together using a cable so that they switch in tandem.

What happens if both amps are on at once?

The Twinline only has one active loop. So depending on the amp effects loop that is selected, only this loop will be active.

What is the polarity invert used for?

When both amps are playing at the same time, you will get a fuller tone when both are in phase with both speakers pushing towards you at the same time. Should one amp be out of phase with the other, this can be corrected.

Can I use the Twinline with an Axe-FX or other modeller?

Yes. Many guitarists use modellers as their primary effects. These often have both unbalanced and balanced connections. The Twinline can be connected to suit.

Can I use the Twinline with one amp to convert the impedance when using studio effects?

Yes – absolutely. You do not have to use it as a switcher.

Why does the Twinline employ a 15V supply?

When using studio effects, they are capable of much greater headroom than guitar effects. In order to optimize the signal path, using a more robust power supply increases headroom and improves signal handling, which in turn reduces distortion.

When routing effects, can I use the XLR out and the ¼" input?

No. Both the send and receive are toggled when the unbal and bal switch is depressed.

Why are there no MIDI connectors on the Twinline?

If you look at the unit, you will notice that it is jam-packed full of features. As pretty much all MIDI footswitch controllers have contact closures which can do the switching, we felt that having a MIDI jack was less important than outfitting it with XLRs and being able to use the Twinline with studio effects.

What is the Radial Slingshot?

The Slingshot is a simple connection that is on some of our products that sends a contact closure to another device. Think of it as very basic MIDI. This enables you to hit one footswitch and have several devices switch at the same time. A good example could be switching channels and activating an effects loop with one foot stomp.

Which Radial products have a Slingshot built in?

The Loopbone, Headbone, Cabbone, SW2 and Twinline. Any Radial device that is equipped with a JR2 or JR1 remote input can also be connected.

How can I bypass the effects loop?

Two ways: You can use the front panel switch or you can connect an optional JR2 remote using a TRS cable. The JR2 remote footswitch can be used to toggle the loops from A to B and bypass the loops if so desired.

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