Bulk Audio, Video Cable and Connectors
Radial audio and video cables are commerical grade and manufactured to be durable and flexible. Available for many kinds of AV applications from system install to performance stage cable. Mogami bulk cable offers the ultimate in signal transfer by offering oxygen free copper, super low capacitance, served shields and supple flexiblity. Mogami's Neglex research centre has developed a manufacturing techniques that maintain uniformity during the extrusion process. The result is the best cable for critical audio and video applications.
Bulk Cable
  Bulk Installation Mic and Speaker Cable
Radial SmartReel install cable is sold by the box of 1000 feet. Listing includes balanced twisted pair and speaker cables with 2 to 4 conductors. Choice of FT4 / CL3 rated PVC jackets for in-wall installation or plenum for use in return air spaces. Mogami W2944(twisted pair) and W2799 (twisted quad) rack and console cable are the best choice for high fidelity audio installations like recording, broadcast, and multimedia.


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  Bulk Multi-pair Snake Cable
Radial Torsion multi-pair cable is the choice of top concert touring rental companies for its low capacitance, durability and smart channel ID system. Mogami multipair offers the highest quality, super low capacitance, and supple flexibility in a multi-pair cable greared to studios, broadcasters and other critical recording applications.


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  Bulk Microphone Cable
Radial and Mogami bulk twisted pair and quad microphone cables have applications in live concert sound and studio recording. Radial RM-201 is an industry standard for concert stages and live events. Mogami bulk cables are ideal for broadcast and recording applications. Also find here bulk cable for lavaliers and 6 conductor tube microphone cable.
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  Bulk High Impedance Coax Cable
Radial and Mogami coax cable are ideal for electronic instrument applications because of their high resistance to induced electrostatic noise. An inner carbon impregnated PVC jacket reduces microphonic noise caused by handling. Also find here Mogami unbalanced stereo cable suited for high quality stereo interconnect cables.
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  Bulk Speaker Cable
Several Radial and Mogami speaker cables are offered for concert, studio, and audiophile loudspeaker applications. Available configuration include 2, 4, 6 and 8 conductors for full-range, bi-amp, tri-amp , and 4-way speaker systems.
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  Bulk Digital Cable
Mogami offers several digital cables for formats such as S/P-DIF, AES/EBU, Tascam T-DIF, IEEE 1394, as well as cable suitable for MIDI, RS-422, SCSI and VGA video.
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  Bulk Video Cable
Radial and Mogami video cables are offered for composite, component, CATV, and SVHS formats. Wiring for a complete video installation, from RG-6 CATV drop thru to end-point display can be found on these two pages.
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Connectors, Multi-pin, Adaptors
  Bulk XLR Connectors
Neutrik and X-On XLR connectors feature metal back shells and quick assembly boots. Choose between silver or gold contacts, in-;ine or panel mount and straight or 90 degree angled connectors. Three pin XLR connectors are standard order. XLR connectors with 4 to 7 pins are also avaiable by special order.
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  Bulk 1/4", 1/8", RCA, TRS, MIDI Connectors
Straight and angled, in-line, panel and PC mount connectors of the highest quality.
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  Bulk Speaker Connectors
Loudspeaker connectors for concert speaker systems and portable PA. Neutrik SpeakOn and Amphenol EP/AP connectors are available for in-line or panel mount applications.
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  Multi-pin Connectors
Radial carries several multi-pin connectors from 6 to 58 channels for concert touring, rental systems, and remote broadcasters. Choose from EDAC, Cannon, D-sub, Radial VLK, AMP 37-pin, and Mass multi-pin connectors and asscesories.
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  Adaptors for XLR, 1/4", 1/8" & RCA Connectors
Radial Premium adaptors feature milled nickle-brass construction for optimum performance and long life. Radial Utility adaptors are cost effective adaptors for musicians, DJs, and project studios. Deltron Pro adaptors feature exceptional quality making them ideal for broadcast and pro concert touring.
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  Video Connectors & Adaptors
Radial offers terminations for professional video installations. In-line and panel mount BNC (solder and crimp types), type-F and SVHS connectors. Also find video adaptors here.
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Cable Management Tools
  Tubing and Tie Downs
Heat shrink & Expando tubing, Tie straps and Velco cable organizers. custom printing on heat shrink is offered here as well as pre-printed kits with typical console I/O lables.
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  Cable Reels
Hannay AV series reels are specialy designed for pro-audio and broadcast applications. Features include stackable design, side I/O panels, and rugged construction. Smooth operation prevents damage of coaxial video cable, fiber, and multi-pair mic snakes.
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  Patco Thermal Wire Strippers
Even the best quality cable and connectors can be rendered ineffectual if strands or core are damaged during stripping. Patco thermal wire strippers help you minimize signal degradation or sudden loss due to nicked or cut conductors. The pros know that Patco strippers eliminate guesswork and produce consistant professional results, even in the hands of novices.
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