Audio & Video Cables Assemblies
Radial manufactures a complete range of audio video and digital cable assemblies for every application including recording, concert touring, home theatre and commercial installations. Download the complete listing of cable assemblies in PDF format using the links to the right, or view individual catagories for cables below.
Assembled Cables
  Microphone Cables
Radial Duraflex and Mogami microphone cables are suited for professional studios, broadcasters, and concert touring. Duraflex features low capacitance twisted pair and quad conductors for excellend signal transmittion, a flexible PVC jacket that is extreemly durable, and a served shield that is highly resistant to magnetic fields.


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  Pro Guitar Cables
Radial and Mogami guitar cables offer the player the lowest noise and best durability in an unbalanced cable. Available with straight and angled connectors, and in lengths from 6 inches to 30 feet. Suited for guitars, pedalboards, synths, drum machines, etc.


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  RCA Cables
Radial ProFLEX and Mogami audiophile quality RCA cables are the best stereo interconnects for high fidelity reproduction in home theatre, SACD and component consumer audio systems. Catagory also include RCA -to- 1/4" interface cables.
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  Patch Cables
Radial and Mogami studio quality patch cables. Bantam TT and longframe connectors as well as TRS phono. Pigtail versions with a Mogami bantam connector at one end only, and tinned pigtail wires at other end. Perfect for custom patchbay interface cables.
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  Insert and Y-cables
Radial and Mogami insert cables come in 1, 4, and 8 channels with any combination of 1/4", TRS and XLR connectors. Y-cables are available with any connector combination. Also find here 1/8" stereo adapter cables. Perfect for connecting iPods, Walkmans, camcorders and laptop computers to XLR, RCA, and 1/4" connectors.
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  Interface Cables
Radial and Mogami interface cables come with any combination of 1/4" TRS, RCA, and XLR connectors to adapt one connector format to another with professional wiring standards.
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  Multi-track & Multi-channel Cables
Multi-track cables for ADAT and DA98 recorders. Multi-channel cables with your choice of Radial Torsion™ or Mogami cable from 2 to 58 channels, and any combination of XLR, 1/4" and RCA connectors.
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  Digital Audio Cables
Digital audio cables for every format from DVD digital audio to multi-channel AES/EBU snakes including TOS-link, S/P-DIF, Yamaha O2R, Tascam T-DIF and ADAT. The highest quality cable and connectors are used to ensure optimum signal transmission without data loss.
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  Speaker Cables
Radial pre-made speaker cables are available in several gauges/conductors for full range or bi-amp systems. Speaker cables feature high strand-counts for reduced corona effect and improved high frequency transmission. Available in either a heavy duty black PVC jacket for live sound, or a clear zip-cord jacket for audiophile applications. Choose 1/4", SpeakOn, or Cannon EP/AP connectors.
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  Video Cables
Radial and Mogami video cables are suited for commercial and professional applications like CATV distribution, component video, LCD video projectors, and SVHS video formats.
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