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Converts between 40 x 10 to 50 inputs
Custom configurable output panel
Optional transformer isolation
Veam, Mass, Ramlatch multi-pin options
Sub-snake options
Writable ID label strip
Recessed ground lift switches

The Convertible 50-10 is a large format, professional snake system in an 19” rackmount enclosure. The Convertible 50-10 is designed for professional touring, theatres, and broadcasters looking for a 40 to 50 channel snake.

The Convertible 50-10 is meant to easliy change from a 40 x 10 configuration to a 50 x 0, or any where inbetween (such as 44 x 6). This is done by wiring the last ten inputs (#41 thru 50) in parrallel to both male and female connectors. By using in-line turn-arounds at the console XLR splay, the number of channels and returns can be determined by mix engineer.

The Convertible 50-10 is 28 inches tall (16RU) and the back box is 5.25" deep. The 50-10 has 60 XLR connectors and a configurable front output panel. The welded back box features a second rear facing panel. Both panels may be configured in an endless variety of ways.

The inputs are arranged in rows of 10. By using this metric style numbering system it becomes very quick and easy to locate a desired channel. Each row has its own writable ID strip wide enough for 5/8" tape. Ground lift switches (if installed) are recessed and protected.

Typical Channel Configurations:
50 x 0, 40 x 10

Please call or email our Custom Shop sales center to discuss options for the Convertible 50-10 snake.

Available Options:

Multi-pin outputs - Veam, Mass or Ramlatch connectors.
Hard-wired outputs - front or rear exit for the main or monitor snakes.
Sub-snake inputs - up to four multi-pin inputs for sub snakes.
Ground lift switches - lifts pin 1 between main and split output.
Transformer isolation
- Jensen transformers.
Rear output panel - configurable with any type of connector or output.
Big Chief road/cable case combo.

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