System Overview

The V12 is made up of four basic components;

1. Welded back box
2. 19" rack frame (12RU)
3. Input modules
4. Output modules

The back box, frame and modules are manufactured using 14-guage steel, and finished in a durable blue baked enamel coat. The back box mates with the 19" rack frame to protect the internal cabling and modules. Several types of modules are available for the V12 such as XLR and sub-snake inputs, cross patching systems, multi-pin output modules and other specialty modules.

Rack Frame
The Convertible V12 frame requires just 12 rack spaces. V12 input and output modules are 17" wide and mount into the 19" rack frame.

Like the 19" rack standard, the Convertible's rack frame is divided vertically into equal units called CU's, or Convertible Units. CU's are a little smaller than Rack Units, but work the same way. The Convertible's rack frame can hold a total of 13 CU.

To ensure maximum rigidity, the V12 framel employs a unique I-beam construction that projects inwards to act as a cable tie down and to square-up the front frame with the welded back box.

Back Box
The welded back box is 8" deep and features a 15.5" x 8.5" removable rear panel. The panel may be used for XLR or multi-pin connectors or for a hard-wired output.

The use of a rack inside a rack allows Radial to deliver a fully encapsulated unit whereby all of the interconnecting cables are protected from outside abuse and proper RF shielding can be assured.

Module Descriptions
The beauty of modular design is that one can build a snake by simply loading the rack frame with just the modules needed. Later the snake can be expanded upon, or completely re-configured. Here is a list of current V12 modules. Click for more detail.

- Mic Inputs (1CU)
Eight channel XLR input module

- Sub-Snakes (2CU)
Four position multi-pin module
(May be configured for cross-patching)

VAO-8- XLR Outputs (1CU)
Eight channel XLR output module
(May be configured as parallel, split or return outputs.)

- Main Outputs (3CU)
Three position multi-pin module

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