The V12's transformers are mounted
directly to the VIM-8 input modules.

The Roadster's RX and TX snakes use a routed plywood board mounted inside the stage box to secure transformers.


When it comes to splitting snakes, there is no substitute for transformer isolation. A transformer inherently reduces common mode noise by rejecting buzz and hum caused by ground loops. For years, we have only offered Jensen Transformers as these are without a doubt, the finest audio transformers made today. They are exceptionally linear from 10Hz to 40kHz, can handle transients without saturation and are phase accurate from 20Hz to 20kHz.

The only downside to the Jensen is price, at nearly $100 per transformer. When designing a 50 channel snake, one must price in an additional $5000, just for the transformers, let alone the extra cost to have them installed. Despite the cost, this investment is well worthwhile, especially for broadcasters and touring professionals that travel with millions of dollars of inventory and whose clients demand the best sound for their money. But for the regional sound company, house of worship or university theatre, the Jensen option is often simply beyond the scope of their budget.

To address these clients, we offer a more affordable alternative called the Radial MBX-2 microphone bridging transformer. This very impressive transformer is custom-made to Radial specifications and exhibits excellent linearity from 20Hz to 20kHz, low saturation distortion and phase accuracy in the critical bass and mid range frequencies. The MBX-2 is a close second in performance to the Jensen transformers, while costing about one third as much. This makes the MBX-2 transformer a great choice for high fidelity audio systems, especially when compared to alternatives that perform poorly in these key areas.

Compare Jensen and Radial Transformer Performance
Jensen JT-MBC Freq. & Phase Response

The Jensen transformer is virtually flat in both frequency and phase response. The yellow line is frequency, the black line is phase. View the Jensen chart at full size.

View the Jensen & Radial charts below side by side for comparison.
  Radial MBX-2 Freq. & Phase Response

The Radial MBX-2 compares very favorably to the Jensen.
Frequency response is flat up to 4K Hz. with -3dB at 20K Hz.
Phase shift is near zero to 2.5K Hz. View the MBX-2 chart
at full size.
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