The VAO-8 may be used whenever an
XLR output is desirable, like for returns
from FOH or for input channel splits
destined for a record or broadcast truck.

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VAO-8 Auxiliary Output Module (1CU)

8 ch. XLR output module
Used as return channels or parallel / split outputs

The VAO-8 auxiliary output module features eight channels of male XLR connectors. One or more VAO-8 modules can be placed into a V12 snake system when XLR outputs are required. These 1 CU auxiliary output modules are available in a choice of colors to allow the system designer to allocate panels for particular uses. The VAO-8 can be used in a couple of different ways.

VAO-8 as Return Channels
The VAO-8 may be wired for use as banks of 8 return channels from the FOH position. Typical configurations with the VAO-8 module installed as return channels are:

56 x 8 (one VAO-8 module for 8 return channels)

48 x 16 (two VAO-8 modules for 16 return channels)

VAO-8 as Parallel or ISO Outputs
The VAO-8 module can be used as parallel or isolated XLR outputs for recording or broadcast feeds. This makes sense because many different multi-pin connectors are employed in our industry and it's impossible to set a multi-pin standard to meet all needs. By including one VAO-8 output module for each VIM-8 input module, virtually anyone can connect using a common XLR snake.

A parallel / split configuration with six VIM-8 and six VAO-8 modules would be:

48 x 48 (six VAO-8 modules for 48 channel split))
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