VIM-8 modules are configured
in eight channel blocks.

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VIM-8 Input Module (1CU)

8 channel XLR input module
Separate ground lifts for outputs A & B
RF filter and damping as per Jensen specifications
Dual-sided military-grade PC board
Integrated cable tie-down bar

The VIM-8 is an 8 channel XLR input module. Features include two front panel ground lift switches per channel, RF filter network, damping resistor and integrated cable tie-down bar. Components are fastened to a 14-gauge steel rack shelf that fits the 17" CU rack frame. Internal wiring exits the module on the rear edge of the PC board and is strapped to the cable tie-down bar.

Input modules may be configured with 2 or 3-way transformer isolated splits or be hard-wired in a passive split to reduce cost. The V12's modular approach allows customization that can be exploited to lower costs. A system designer may opt for transformers on the first 16 channels and employ a passive split on the balance to save money.

When transformers are a must-have feature on all channels, we offer the choice between Jensen transformers (2 and 3-way splits) and our own custom designed Radial transformers (2-way splits).

It is important to note that unlike previous designs that routed wires 'to and from' a separate bank of isolation transformers, the V12's transformers are soldered directly on the same PC board as the XLR connectors, reducing opportunity for stray RF and induced noise. Finally, transformers are clamped in place with a steel L-bracket which is lined with a rubber shock-mount material. No amount of rough handling can loosen the transformers with this arrangement.

The VIM-8 modules follow the circuit specifications from Jensen Transformers for RF filtering and secondary winding damping. Click to see the Jensen schematic that is used in the V12 snake.

VIM-8 Features
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