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VOM-3 Main Output Module (3CU)

Main output module with up to 3 positions
V-Lock (Veam), Mass or Ramlatch multi-pin
Uses 3 CU of V12 rack space
Mounts to front or rear rails

The main output panel comes standard with 3 output positions for multi-pin connectors and requires 3 CU's. Unused positions are covered with a blank. These 3 outputs are typically used as direct to FOH (designated Main), monitor split (designated Output A) and record split (designated Output B). The VOM-3 is usually positioned at the bottom of the front or rear rails due to the weight and size of the connectors and cables being attached.

The VOM-3 output module is available with Radial V-Lock (Veam) connectors with a choice of 150-pin and 201-pin connectors, Mass connectors in 122 and 176 pin formats (Whirlwind compatible), and the Ramlatch series. For permanently installed systems, the VOM-3 may be configured for hardwired outputs with a compression nut in place of multi-pin connectors.
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