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Sub-Snake Module VSM-412 (2CU)

Color coded 12 ch. multi-pin inputs
From 12 to 48 sub-snake channels
Uses 2 CU of V12 rack spaces
Choice of Veam, CPC or W1 connectors
Optional XLR breakout for cross-patching

A popular option on today's stages is the use of sub-snakes. Sub-snakes allow groups of microphone inputs to be brought to the snake head through a single multi-pair cable. Sub-snakes are distributed around the stage in zones such as drum riser, backline and keyboard zones.

Although sub-snakes can be terminated in a fan of XLR connectors that patch into the snake head, a faster and easier way is to connect sub-snakes using multi-pin connectors and the VSM-412 module. This approach is particularly useful during festivals as complete drum kits can be pre-connected to a sub-snake back stage. When it's time to roll the drum riser out, all that is needed is a multi-pin connection at the snake-head.

The VSM-412 module takes up 2 CU spaces in the V12's frame and provides up to four multi-pin connectors for sub-snake inputs. The VSM-412 comes in choice of V-Lock (Veam) circular bayonet, CPC plastic circular connector or Whirlwind W1 compatible connectors. Up to four multi-pin connectors may be mounted for a total of 48 sub-snake input channels. Each multi-pin connector on the VSM-412 is color coded. Sub-snakes may be ordered with matching colors for easy deployment. Like all V12 modules, the VSM-412 is made from 14-gauge steel and mounts in the V12 frame.

The VSM-412 may be configured for cross-patching, whereby the sub-snake multi-pin connectors are broken out into a fan of XLR connectors that can be patched into VIM-8 input channels.

The most popular format for sub-snakes is 12 channels. This is likely due to the wide range of 37 pin multi-pin connectors available, the easy manipulation of 12-pair cable and of course, the simple fact that 12 channels is usually more than enough to support a drum kit or keyboard rack. Radial offers several 12 channel sub-snake designs that are compatible with the VSM-412.

  The StageFlea, StageBug and StageSlug are a perfect match for the VSM-412 sub-snake panel .

  StageBug sub-snake StageFlea series StageSlug sub-snake
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