RELEASE DATE: August 9, 2011
SUBJECT: Radial announces the JDV-Pre ™ module - The world's first dedicated 500 series instrument preamp.
CONTACT: Tatiana Kostiak, (604) 942.1001 Ext. 244
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Vancouver BC based Radial Engineering Ltd. is pleased to announce the Radial JDV-Pre module, the world's first dedicated 500 series instrument preamp.

According to Company President Peter Janis: "When we decided to enter the 500 series business, the first product we started to work on was the Radial JDV-Pre module. Our goal was to take the design and features of our highly acclaimed stand-alone JDV direct box and simply turn it into a module. This idea was soon tossed out once we began developing the Workhorse™. To feed the Workhorse buss, the JDV had to be converted from a simple direct box to a preamp. Then, as we began testing, it seemed obvious that many engineers would want to use the JDV-Pre module with a condenser microphone. This necessitated our adding 48V phantom capabilities. Well, after about 10 revisions, we are pleased to say that we are now shipping."

The Radial JDV-Pre module is a combination instrument preamp and direct box. It features front panel input and output 1/4" jacks for the instrument and artist's amplifier. The audio circuit begins with a 100% discrete class-A front end that is completely void of circuit stabilizing negative feedback. By eliminating any form of phase cancellation, the JDV-Pre module delivers the pure natural tone of the instrument without artifact.

Careful attention has been paid to properly interface the various types of pickups and microphones that may be used when capturing the instrument. To address the piezo elements, the JDV-Pre module is set up with a very high 4meg-ohm input impedance. This helps eliminate the squawk and excessive peaks that are usually encountered. To address magnetic pickups on bass or electric guitars, Radial's acclaimed Drag Control⌐™ circuit has been included. This allows the user to adjust the load on the pickup to better replicate the relationship between the instrument and a tube amplifier when recording direct. This of course yields a much more natural tone and better prepares the track for Reamping™. To address microphones, the rear mounted XLR is equipped with 48V phantom and incorporates a Hammond input transformer. This is particularly helpful when using the JDV-Pre module with acoustic instruments such as mandolins, banjos, Dobros™ or fiddles that can sound harsh due to their extreme dynamics.

To help with layering acoustic instruments, a fully variable high pass filter can be dialed in from 5Hz to 500Hz to eliminate resonance. This enables the engineer to tailor the 'width' of the instrument so that it sits more naturally in the mix. This can also be used along with the 180 polarity reverse to reduce resonant feedback on stage or to help stratify a stereo mix when using two microphones. The JDV-Pre module output is +4dB and when used with a Workhorse, the Omniport TRS output is dedicated as a mic level direct box output that can feed a snake system on a live stage.

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