RELEASE DATE: January 19, 2012
SUBJECT: Radial introduces the PowerTube™ 500 series tube preamp
CONTACT: Tatiana Kostiak, (778.785.0135)
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Vancouver BC - Radial Engineering Ltd. is pleased to announce the Radial PowerTube, an exciting new 500 series tube preamp, single space module that has been optimized to work within the guidelines of the Whos-DOC format. 

Radial President Peter Janis: "The 500 series format is taking the industry by storm. The compact and flexible format allows the engineer to customize his analogue signal path to suit the recording making it the perfect interface to add warmth and character to today's digital recording environment.  The PowerTube is a tube microphone preamplifier that is optimized for the format whereby it cleverly combines the 48V voltage that supplies phantom power with the +/-16V rails to power a select 12 AX7 tube. Best of all, our engineering team managed to squeeze the electronics into a single  space thus allowing up to 8 PowerTubes to be used at the same time in a Workhorse™ rack."

Made from 100% discrete electronics, the PowerTube features include variable input trim, fully variable gain control, presence, low cut, phantom power and a full 10 segment LED bar graph. To further add warmth and character, the PowerTube is equipped with a Jensen™ transformer.

Janis continues: "With the PowerTube, we wanted to veer away from the more clinical sound of a mic preamp to a device that would add character and warmth. The PowerTube is rich sounding and will surely please tone aficionados!"

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