SAT-2™ Development

The SAT-2 was designed as a simple problem-solver, providing a robust device that gives the user control over audio levels wherever they might need it. This can be between the outputs of a console and a recording device or between an audio interface and a pair of powered speakers. Both XLR and ¼" TRS connectors were added to ensure easy connectivity, with XLR outputs to feed a line level input on a console or interface.

Since the SAT-2 would be used primarily to set levels, the master volume control had to be large and track well between left and right signals at any level. A mute switch was also included to ensure the signal could be silenced in an instant if needed. Besides this, other features were considered to make the SAT-2 even more useful when used as a monitor controller in a studio. The dim switch and associated level control allow the volume to be turned down temporarily without losing the setting on the master volume control. Finally, a mono switch would allow an engineer to check their mixes for phase coherency. A mono switch also has the added bonus of allowing the SAT-2 to be used for parallel processing if used with a mono input.

Like all Radial products, the SAT-2 is built to last. A 14-gauge steel chassis and I-beam construction prevent any torque from being applied to the circuit board and high quality components and switches that are rated at 20,000 cycles or more help ensure that the SAT-2 will provide years of trouble-free operation.