Multi-Output DI Box

Active DI Box with Four Selectable Outputs

The 4-Play is a DI box specifically designed for multi-instrumentalists, providing the ability to quickly and silently change instruments on stage. With four balanced outputs, each instrument has its own channel in the PA and monitors.

  • Quick changeovers for multi-instrumentalists
  • Switch between four DI outputs using a single footswitch
  • Shared tuner output & mute footswitch
  • Ground lift switches to eliminate hum and buzz

Four DI boxes in one

Many performing multi-instrumentalists will have each of their instruments feed a separate channel in the PA system, allowing for individual level, EQ, and effects settings. Typically this would require multiple DI boxes and instrument cables, creating a mess on stage that can be difficult to manage. With the 4-Play, you only need to connect one cable to the input of the pedal, and it provides you with four DI outputs to feed the PA system. Not only does this mean fewer cables on stage and less devices to keep track of, but it also eliminates the need to flag down the sound engineer when you need to switch instruments during a performance. The 4-Play puts you in control, while streamlining your setup on stage.

4-Play Applications

4 Instruments going into the 4-Play

Acoustic, fiddle, mandolin and banjo

Switch between instruments by simply muting, disconnecting the instrument, reconnecting and unmuting. The 4-Play lets you drive each instrument to its own channel in the PA. Connect using a simple guitar cable or use your wireless system!

3 basses going into the 4-play

Using three different basses on stage

No amp, three basses – The 4-Play makes it easy! Connect the desired bass, use the selector switch to send the output to the desired channel in the PA system. This lets you optimize the signal without having to adjust the tone or level during each changeover.

Acoustic guitar going into the 4-Play

Using three channels with an acoustic guitar

Connect your acoustic guitar using channel-1 for rhythm, channel-2 for finger picking and channel-3 for lead. This gives you the power of an electric guitar through the PA system.


4-Play Resources

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