Stereo Audio Switcher

Stereo Backing Track Switcher

The Backtrack is a compact stereo audio switcher, perfect for bands running redundant backing tracks on stage or switching between any stereo audio sources.

  • Switch between two stereo backing track sources on stage
  • Easily connect playback devices with ¼” and 3.5mm TRS jacks
  • Headphone output for silently cueing up tracks
  • Transformer isolated main outputs eliminate hum and buzz

Protect against playback failure

For any performance that incorporates backing tracks or other pre-recorded elements, reliability is crucial to ensuring a smooth performance. Unfortunately, smartphone batteries die, laptops freeze up, and Murphy's Law will always apply. The Backtrack creates a redundant system to ensure that you can instantly switch over to a backup device should any problems arise with your primary playback source. This can be accomplished easily with the push of a button on the Backtrack or via a remote JR-2 footswitch, giving you peace of mind and freeing you up to focus on your performance without worry.

Backtrack Applications

Backtrack with redundant laptops

Switch backing track sources remotely

Use the JR-2 footswitch to mute or switch between playback sources. Monitor on stage with a powered speaker while simultaneously sending signal to the house PA system.

Backtrack with mobile devices

Use the headphone output to cue up tracks

The headphone output can listen to either input without switching the feed to the PA, allowing you to cue the next track and monitor silently on headphones.

Switch between redundant amp modeling systems

Take the balanced or unbalanced line-level outputs of two stereo amp modeling devices into the Backtrack; it will automatically balance the signal at the XLR outputs to the PA. Should one amp simulator go down, use the JR-2 to easily switch to the backup unit.


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