Load Correction

The Dragster™ is a super-compact load correction device that lets you adjust the load on your electric guitar pickup to replicate the sound as if connected directly to a tube guitar amp.

  • Adjusts the load on magnetic pickup for a natural sound
  • Warms up the tone of harsh sounding active buffers
  • Helps improve the sound of your wireless system
  • Compact and lightweight, can be used anywhere!

Tiny size, big tone

When a guitar is connected to a guitar amplifier, the pickup and the amp join together to form a circuit. But as soon as you introduce a buffer in between the pickup and the amplifier, the natural relationship is lost. The pickup only 'sees' the buffer and the tone changes. This is the fundamental reason why guitarists hate the sound of wireless systems and non-true-bypass pedals. The Dragster solves the problem by adjusting the impedance on your magnetic pickups, restoring the full rich tone of your instrument - simply connect your guitar or bass to the Dragster, set the thumb wheel to the sound you like and you are ready to go! The compact design makes it easy to fit on any pedalboard while the built-in mounting flanges make it a breeze to attach to a guitar strap.

Dragster Applications

Recording with the Dragster

Connect your bass or electric to the Dragster and use it to get a more natural tone when recording. This can be particularly useful if you plan to Reamp at a later stage.

Warming up your pedal chain

The active buffers inside your pedals change the clean tone of your guitar going to your amp. The Dragster reintroduces the natural tone and feel as if connected directly to your amp by letting you adjust the load to compensate.

Using the Dragster on a wireless system

The buffer inside a wireless system is rarely optimized for a magnetic pickup. The Dragster lets you adjust the load on the pickup for a smoother more natural tone. Simply connect your guitar to the Dragster before you send the signal to the transmitter.


Dragster Resources

Part no: R800 7075 00

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