Exo-Pod FAQ

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Does the Exo-Pod require power?

No. It is completely passive. You merely plug in and it works!

Can I connect the output from a studio preamp to the Exo-Pod?

Yes. This makes for a very compact press distribution system!

Can I connect the output from a power amp to the Exo-Pod?

No. The Exo-Pod is designed to be driven by the line level output from a mixing console.

Can I connect powered speakers using the Exo-Pod outputs?

Yes. Most powered speakers have variable input level controls that can be set to accommodate connections through the Exo-Pod. Simply increase the input sensitivity to suit.

If connecting the output of the Exo-Pod to a mixer, could 48V phantom power cause damage?

No. The Exo-Pod transformers will block phantom power.

How many Exo-Pods can I connect in series using a mixer’s line level output?

This depends on the mixer’s output. Most will drive two Exo-Pods, some a third. The more Exo-Pods that you drive, the lower the level on each output.

Can I use one of the Exo-Pod outputs to feed a PA system?

Yes. Simply set the input sensitivity on the PA mixer to the required level.

Can I connect an Exo-Pod’s balanced output to an unbalanced input?

Yes. Use pin-2 (+) and pin-1 (ground) to make the connection. This will decrease the output by about 6dB. Adjust the input sensitivity of the unbalanced input to suit.

Can I use the Exo-Pod and a line isolator in a PA system to eliminate noise?

Yes, however keep in mind that the small transformers inside are primarily designed for voice and mic level applications. You can drive the signals harder but will likely encounter distortion with excessive bass.

Can I connect a mic directly to the Exo-Pod and have it feed several mic input destinations?

No. The transformers in the Exo-Pod are designed to be driven by line level signals.

Can the Exo-Pod be used in stereo?

No. It is a mono device.

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