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When I switch the Gold Digger, I hear a slight pop. Is this normal?

Yes. Keep in mind that the Gold Digger is a pure – straight wire switcher. What this means is that we do not incorporate transformers or buffers in the circuit which can be used to eliminate noise. These color the sound which of course would completely negate the whole point. We have carefully designed the Gold Digger to bleed off the DC offset which is generated by the microphone and phantom power so that the popping is minimized without interfering with the audio signal path.

If the Gold Digger is passive, why does it need power?

The power is used to supply the control panel functions, internal relays and LEDs.

Can I use the Gold Digger to compare dynamic and condenser mics?

Absolutely. You can compare any type of microphone using the Gold Digger. Simply adjust the trim control so that they all play at the same loudness.

Will using the trim change the tone of the mic?

It depends on the type of mic you are using. Since condenser mics are internally buffered, the sound will not change. But with dynamics, as they are passive devices, the trim will affect the impedance which in turn, may affect the tone slightly.

Can phantom power hurt my ribbon mics?

Old ribbon mics did not have any type of safety feature to prevent harm from phantom power. But today, most new ribbon mics have protective circuitry. Consult the manufacturer for details.

Can phantom power hurt any of my audio gear?

Most audio equipment is equipped with blocking capacitors that keep outside voltages from harming their circuitry. The biggest concern with phantom power is the turn on transient that can cause a loud pop and potentially damage a tweeter. The Gold Digger’s phantom power switches are recessed as a safety measure.

Is there a way to activate more than one mic at a time?

No. The switching inside the Gold Digger is set up with exclusive inputs. This ensures only one mic is ever on at one time. If you want more than one mic on at a time, use your mixer.

Can I use the Gold Digger backwards to divert one source and send it to various destinations?

Yes. You will need to get XLR adaptors to reverse the sex of each connector. Also, make sure the phantom power is turned off as this may cause problems if on.

Can I cascade two Gold Diggers to compare more mics?

Yes. Simply connect the first one into the next.

Can I use the Gold Digger to switch between four guitars?

Yes. But since the Gold Digger is passive, changing the trim will have an effect on the guitar tone. If you are using the Gold Digger to switch a wireless system, it will have no effect as the wireless output will be buffered.

Can I use the Gold Digger to switch between four wireless systems?

Yes. It is great for this! And it can be used for both balanced and unbalanced signals so long as you have &frac;” to XLR adaptors.

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