HotShot 48V

Condenser Microphone Switcher

Stage Toggle for Condenser Mics

The HotShot 48V is a condenser microphone switcher built for silent operation on stage, allowing an artist to power their vocal mic and reroute it to feed the stage monitoring system for communicating with other band members or technicians at the press of a footswitch. LED indicators display the active output, and the footswitch itself can be configured for latching or momentary action. While the HotShot 48V is specifically designed to address issues when switching condenser microphone outputs, it works equally well with dynamic mics also.


  • Provides 48V phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Redirects mic signal to communicate with band members and techs
  • Footswitch can be configured as a latching or a momentary switch
  • Silent switching with no pops or clicks through the PA system

Silent condenser mic switching

Passive audio switchers occasionally create an audible pop during switching that can be heard through the PA system, disrupting the performance. This can be caused by the introduction of phantom power or by stray DC offset from any powered device connected to the switcher. The HotShot 48V employs active circuitry and a time delay microcontroller for silent switching under any conditions, allowing you to use condenser or dynamic microphones with no noise whatsoever. A five millisecond delay is introduced when the switching relay is activated, short enough to go unnoticed by the artist, but long enough for any DC leakage to dissipate, preventing audible noise and ensuring seamless switching during any performance.

HotShot 48V Applications

Using the HotShot 48V for silent communication on stage

With the HotShot 48V connected to a vocal microphone, the artist on stage can easily and silently redirect the signal to communicate with band members or technicians without disrupting the performance. Simply press the footswitch to mute the signal to the PA and feed your vocal mic directly to the band.

Using the HotShot 48V as a cough/mute switch

The HotShot 48V can also be used to quickly mute the signal coming from your microphone, providing a hands-free cough switch when needed. Simply leave Output-B unconnected and press the footswitch to momentarily silence the signal.

Toggle between momentary or latching footswitch operation

The HotShot 48V can be configured as a latching footswitch (press once to switch to Output-B, press again to switch back to Output-A), or as a momentary switch (press and hold to switch to Output-B). Use whichever configuration works best for you.

HotShot 48V Resources

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