HotShot DM-1 FAQ

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Can I use the DM1 with a battery or phantom powered microphone?

To be safe only use the DM1 with a dynamic microphone.

Why are there no light indicators on the DM1?

The DM1 is designed to be a discreet switcher that allows band members to speak among themselves on stage or to technicians. A bright light going on and off during a performance can distract the audience from the performance.

Can I accidentally leave the DM1 on?

No. The footswitch is momentary which means that it only works when it is being depressed. This way, the only time it will mute is when you physically have your foot on the switch. This completely eliminates the need for indicator lights.

Why should I be concerned about popping noise in the sound system?

When PA systems are turned up, a loud transient could potentially cause a tweeter to blow. By testing the DM1 at low volume levels to make sure the DM1 does not cause any loud transients like pops or clicks, you eliminate this concern.

Should I be worried about using the DM1 and the potential for pops causing system failure?

No. We only underline this potential for problem so that you follow proper set-up procedures and avoid these concerns all together. The DM1 essentially works like an ON-OFF switch that is found on some microphones. Follow the setup procedures as outlined above and you should be fine.

Can the HotShot be used in complex sound systems where there are separate FOH and monitor mixers connected with a splitter snake?

Yes. The principal remains the same as when using the DM1 with a sub-mixer, only the HotShot’s OUTPUT-1 connects to the main splitter snake which passes the signal to both the FOH and monitor consoles. The following illustration outlines the basic connections for several HotShots in such a situation.

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