Mix 2:1

Two-channel Summing mixer

Two-channel Audio Combiner & Mixer

The MIX 2:1™ is a simple yet highly useful mixer that passively sums two audio channels down to one. This enables you to easily sum the stereo outputs of a console, recording interface, or portable playback device down to mono, or to mix any two signals together and balance their relative input levels.

  • Mix two channels to a single mono output
  • Individual level controls can be bypassed when not in use
  • Balanced 1/4″ TRS and XLR inputs
  • Completely passive, no need for power

Combine two balanced mic or line-level signals

The MIX 2:1 makes it easy to sum together any two signals, whether it's two microphones on a single guitar amplifier, or the stereo line outputs of a mixing console. At the inputs of the MIX 2:1, both ¼" TRS and XLR connectors are available, with ground lift switches to eliminate buzz and hum from ground loops and ensure noise-free operation. A trim control is also featured on each input, so if you are connecting two separate mono sources such as the outputs of two mic preamps, they can each be attenuated as needed to match their levels at the output. After both signals are passively summed together, they feed a single XLR output that can be connected to a powered speaker, or the input of a console or recording interface.

Mix 2:1 Applications

Mix the output of two mic preamps to a single track

Combine two tracks to a single input on your audio interface. Use the 180° phase flip to ensure phase coherency between the two inputs.

Summing a stereo aux to a mono input

Engage the level control bypass to sum both channels at unity gain into the mono input of a powered speaker or a recording device.

Summing a stereo source to a single channel on a console

When you’re short on channels, the MIX 2:1 allows you to sum a stereo output down to mono, using only one channel on the console.

Mix two dynamic microphones together into a single preamp

The MIX 2:1 works with mic-level signals as well, which is useful when you're low on available input channels, or want to process two mics using the same signal chain. Ensure phantom power is disengaged when connecting the Mix 2:1 to a microphone preamp.


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