Nuance Select

Studio Monitor Controller

Monitor Controller

The Nuance Select is a completely transparent studio monitoring system, giving you control over two sets of monitors and a subwoofer with zero sonic coloration.

  • Silently switch between two sets of monitors & a subwoofer
  • Dual stereo input sources with an assignable Aux output
  • Two independent headphone amplifiers with source selection
  • Extremely low distortion for complete transparency

Control without Coloration

The Nuance Select is a studio monitor controller designed so you can hear every single detail through your speakers, with a distortion profile so low that it cannot be measured by most audio testing equipment. Complete audio transparency is achieved through our innovative Clarity Circuit that allows you to hear the true mix through your speakers without any sacrifice in audio quality, all while still providing you with total control over your monitor setup.

Looking the Part

Housed in a robust steel enclosure with a milled aluminum faceplate, the Nuance Select will fit the aesthetic of any studio space and easily incorporate into your workflow, with a streamlined approach to the feature set. Backlit monitor selection and control switches are complemented by oversized chrome knobs on the headphone and master level controls.

Inputs, Outputs, and Useful Add-ons

The Nuance Select features two sets of stereo source inputs, along with two sets of balanced TRS outputs for powered speakers. A full-range subwoofer output is also included that can be activated with either set of speakers as desired. Two independent headphone amplifiers are available for monitoring or control room tracking – each headphone output can be assigned to its own stereo source so you can feed a cue mix to an artist while monitoring the main mix yourself. The headphone outputs are provided on easily accessible front panel jacks, and a stereo Aux output is available on the rear panel that can be used to feed an additional headphone amplifier for live room tracking.

Nuance Select Applications

Controlling your studio monitors

The Nuance allows you to switch between two sets of speakers while also having independent control over a full-range subwoofer output, so you can turn it on or off with either set of monitors. Switch between two stereo sources as well to compare reference tracks or monitor a cue mix.

Dual assignable headphone outputs

Two reference-grade headphone amplifiers are also built into the Nuance Select, each with an assignable input. This allows you to check the main mix on headphones, while also feeding a separate cue mix to an artist in the control room.

Adding the Aux output

The Aux output on the Nuance Select makes it easy to feed an additional headphone amplifier for live room tracking as well. The Aux out can be turned on or off using a local control, and it can be assigned to either input source just like the headphone outputs.

Nuance Select Resources

Part no: R800 2026 00

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